Beltuna Prestige IV 96P Compact Accordion

This beautiful Beltuna Prestige IV 96P model was sold in 2016 for $9300. The accordion was played very little only at home and the original owner took excellent care of the instrument. It looks and feels new and sounds fabulous. The reed configuration is LMMH with LM reeds in a double tone chamber. The out-of-chamber clarinet reeds are tuned a little sharp for a lovely Italian musette. This way the accordion can offer concert tuned reed combinations as well as musette tuned sounds for a very versatile repertoire. The bass reed configuration is low-G with the lowest octave bass reeds is a tone chamber for fast response. The mechanics is flawless. The tone is rich, warm, and charming - the classic Beltuna sound. 

Here is a summary of the features:

Here is a link to a video demo courtesy of Liberty Bellows and Dallas Vietty:
Please, note the listed price didn't include the microphones.

This accordion is clean and looks like new. I love its visual appeal, smooth mechanics, and live and rich tone. You will too. Offered with two years warranty serviced at the Accordion Gallery in Landing, NJ. Local US support is extremely important. Overseas shipping is expensive and risky and turn around times are long.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions, for a phone demo, or to schedule you trip to the Accordion Gallery.

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