Beltuna Euro IV Amplified Accordion

This is the top of the line non-chambered Beltuna accordion. In addition to the 4/5 sets of hand-made reeds and professional mechanics throughout, this particular accordion features a tone modulator that would allow for both bright tone (with the modulator in open position, the classic setting for this model) and mellow tone (with the tone modulator closed, emulates the tone chamber effect of the Prestige models).

The accordion is very clean and looks like new. It is offered with a full year warranty serviced at the Accordion Gallery in Landing, NJ. Local support is very important. The new owner will enjoy a beautiful and versatile instrument with smooth mechanics and beautiful tone.

Call 973-770-6877 to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery for a memorable experience learning about accordions and playing some of the best ones ever made.

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