Brandoni KingLine Cassotto Model W-148

Brandoni & Sons is a highly respected accordion manufacturer. The company has kept consistently high quality over the years. The special "Wood Collection" has been optimized for tonal quality and appearance. The KingLine series features hand-made reeds and tone chamber with the finest mechanics available from Italy. This is a new accordion offered with 2 years warranty. We welcome any questions and would be happy to invite you to the Accordion Gallery to play this instrument in person and compare it to our many other fine accordions. Each well built accordion has some unique personality. It is not easy to explain the overall impression created by the mechanical feel, tonal quality and balance, tuning, and visual appeal. This Brandoni responds instantaneously, both mechanically and acoustically. The open grill allows for an excellent projection. The out-of-chamber clarinet reeds (M2) are tuned slightly sharp for a nice American swing sound when combined with the chambered clarinet reeds.. All of the 15 treble switches offer different sounds suitable for a variety of music. You can enjoy concert (dry) sounds like bassoon, clarinet, bandonion, harmonium, organ as well as mild tremolo (swing) sounds in the violin, musette, and accordion switches. According to the Brandoni catalog the weight is 11.6 kg. This particular instrument weighs about 12 kg or 26.5 lb  with the padded straps and bellows protector. It is very well balanced and with excellent compression and highly efficient reeds, therefore very easy to handle.

Here is a video demo of this model on YouTube, courtesy of Sidnei Leite:

We are pleased to offer you the following (optional) original Brandoni interchangeable reed blocks:

- Additional set of Artigiana Voci professional hand-made musette tuned M2M3 reeds - in 5 minutes the instrument can be transformed to a full musette LMMM accordion featuring Italian and French musette. These out-of-chamber M2M3 reed blocks will replace the M2H blocks in the accordion.

This accordion will help you play better. You will be proud to own a rare collectible instrument with beautiful tone and increasing value.

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