Bugari Model Silver Plus Accordion
Dear Accordion Friends,

I am pleased to present another special accordion, the Bugari Silver Plus model. This is one of Bugari's top of the line Special Edition instrument with wood finish, custom-made bellows with matching brown-gold silk-lined interior folds, 4/5 sets of hand-made reeds, and a double tone chamber. This instrument was a special order for the North-East USA Bugari dealer and came with interchangeable reed blocks for both LMMH and LMMM reed configuration. This way the customers could try both the concert and musette versions before placing an order. The new owner can enjoy two accordion for the price of one :-). The accordion was made in 2015 and has been a showroom model. 

The reeds are hand-made by Voci Armoniche and are the same reeds you will find in Petosa's top of the line AM1100 and Leggera models as well as in the Bugari Essenzia models. The tone chamber reeds L1M1 are concert tuned at 440 Hz. The two out-of-chamber reed blocks could be with either M2H or M2M3 reed configuration. In the concert LM1M2H configuration the piccolo (H) reeds concert tuned and the M2 reeds tuned sharp for musette effect in the Violin, Musette, Accordion, and Master switches. You still have concert tuned bassoon, bandonion, clarinet, oboe, organ, and harmonium switches. In 5 minutes the musician can swap the out-of-chamber reed blocks with the musette configuration M2M3. In that case the M2 reeds are tuned sharp and the M3 reeds are tuned flat allowing for Italian, German, and French musette sounds on the same instrument. The accordion is ergonomically optimized and weighs only 25 lb with the straps and bellows protector. It is very air efficient and plays without effort. The tone cold be soft and gentle but also loud and far-projecting depending on the bellows pressure.. 

Here is a summary of the features:
This new showroom accordion is offered with the Accordion Gallery's two years warranty. This instrument is easy to play, sounds great, looks fabulous, and can be used for any music style you can think of. Offered with a nice $2500 discount to a proud new owner with our own blessing and inspiration. Call 973-770-6877 and schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery. Try the accordion (you will fall in love with it) and take it home for many years of satisfying trouble-free performance.

Let's take a look under the grill...
All treble valves are made of natural white felt and leather. The keyboard action is excellent.

The interior is beautifully finished. The hand-made Voci Armoniche reeds are perfectly voiced and tuned.
These are the same reeds used in the Petossa AM1100 and Leggera models as well as Bugari Essenzia model.

Inside the bass section...

The interchangeable reed blocks come in a custom made box for safe storage.

Bugari uses high quality cases with reinforced corners,  wheels and a side handle, interior padding,
and interior cover for keyboard protection.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions to to schedule an appointment to play this beautiful accordion.

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