CROWN Cassotto Professional Accordion

This is a professional instrument with 3/5 sets of reeds and all of the desirable features like mahogany body, double tone chamber from a single piece solid mahogany, tone modulator, full size keyboard etc. (see the specifications below for details). A rare feature (available only on the 1950-60s SS series Sonola, 1950's Hohner Morino, and some S. Soprani accordions is the extended resonator space under the keyboard (see the interior photographs below). Sonola catalogs refer to this as "resovox" chamber. The tone of this instrument is powerful and resembles Sonola SS6 and Morbidoni made accordions (Morbidoni, Lo Duca). 

If you like the Sonola SS20 or Lo Duca Duke 13 but prefer lighter weight instrument this Crown accordion could be perfect for you. It is about 2-3 lb lighter and has very similar tonal character. The sound is rich and powerful and could be even bold if you decide to pull the bellows stronger - lots of harmonics, deep bassoon and clarinet, clear far-projecting piccolo. The accordion has been recently serviced and is offered with one year warranty.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions, for a phone demo, or to schedule a visit to the Accordion Gallery to play this instrument and compare it to many other fine professionally serviced and new accordions.

The chrome plating throughout (grill, treble switches frame, bass switches, bellows mesh straps) is intact and clean.

The accordion will come with new Italian black shoulder and bass straps (not shown in the pictures).

The next two photographs show the accordion without the grill and with the tone modulator in open and closed position.

The treble valves can be seen under the tone modulator. They are in excellent condition.

You can see the extended resonator space above the tone chamber reed blocks in the photograph below.

All reeds, leathers, and wax are inn excellent condition.

The interior of the instrument is as impressive as it tonal quality. Only the best quality materials have been used.

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