Dallape SUPERMAESTRO CENTENNIAL Model Concert Accordion

Dear Accordion Friends,

This is a gorgeous accordion in excellent condition. It is extremely difficult to find one of these classic Dallape instruments from 1976, the legendary Centennial Series. People tend to keep these accordions and pass them on within the family or a close circle of friends. You may have heard someone asking about the special "Aluminum grill" or "Chromed bass switches" models. This particular instrument is a masterpiece and a very important part of Amleto Dallape's legacy. The interior is generously polished. The serial number is proudly engraved or stamped on the back of the accordion, each reed block, the tone chamber, bellows frame, and many metal parts. The tone is powerful with both intensity and overtones. Even though the accordion looks brand new it plays without any effort. The compression is excellent. 

There are 120 bass buttons for Stradella mode. The additional 7 bass buttons are used in Free-bass (Melody bass). This accordion features C-system chromatic free-bass accessed by the top 3 switches (L, LM, and M). There are 52 single notes ranging from E to g3. Using the switches to change octaves one can cover a full range of 64 single notes!

The lower 3 bass switches and the long master bar are used in Stradella mode. The tonal depth and power of this accordion will remind you of a Russian bayan.  
Here is a link to a video demo of the same model with extended keyboard (45 keys) courtesy of Péter


The accordion is in excellent condition. It is truly an amazing instrument. If ordered today it would cost more than $16000. If you can appreciate its versatility and tonal quality, range, and power I invite you to visit the Accordion Gallery for a memorable experience. This accordion will make you sound better and will only cost you a fraction of the cost of a similar new accordion.


The accordion will come with a brand new Velvet padded luxury bellows protector (not shown in the pictures).

Five of the white keys have minor surface wear, the most visible being A2 and D2. The surface feels smooth. These are
hair-line cracks in the finish and can't be felt or even seen unless you take a very close look and a good day-light.
The photograph below was taken without a flash to give you the best possible idea of the keyboard condition.

The photographs below show some stages of the accordion service.
There are some interior details that could be worth more than my entire verbal description.

The keyboard has been cleaned and adjusted for optimal performance. You are going to love the action and feel.
Please, notice the solid-wood chamber in the picture below.

The instrument has been professionally tuned at the Accordion Gallery.
Only files and scratches were used in the classic Italian tradition.
All reeds have been carefully voiced and fine-tined inside the accordion. The effect is a pure acoustic delight.

The bass section of this accordion can make any modern Italian manufacturer envious!

The double-riveted hand-made MAGNATERA reeds are the best choice for this accordion.
All reeds respond instantly down to the low E!
I believe in technology. For example, the modern machine-made reeds are better than the 1960s machine-made reeds.
However, I have enough experience to know that when it comes to the high end hand-made reeds there is so much art
involved in the reed making process that with all the advancements we've made in the last few decades we can only
hope to match the performance of the legendary reeds from the recent past (Magnatera, Catraro, Casali, Guidobaldi...).

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