Dallape SUPERMAESTRO Serial Number 29894

Dear Accordion Friends,

This is a gorgeous accordion in excellent condition. It is so difficult to find one of these classic Dallape instruments from the early 1950s with Giovanni Gola's original tuning. The interior is generously polished. The serial number is proudly engraved or stamped on the back of the accordion, each reed block, the tone chamber, bellows frame, and many metal parts. The tone is powerful with both intensity and overtones. Even though the accordion looks new it plays without any effort.

Here is a link to a Dropbox folder where you can see more high resolution photographs and hear sound samples of this  instrument. I suggest you listen with headphones: 


Please, reed the comments in the pictures area for more more details and better appreciation of the Dallape legacy.

This accordion will make you sound better!

The original key valves are excellent.
The sound board is covered with leather to reduce the intrinsic valve noise and improve compression.

The keyboard was serviced in October 2020.

The body of the accordion is made on mahogany.
The quality of the leather used through (sound boards, reed valves) is superior to the materials used today.

The original tuning holds remarkably well. There is not even a single tuning mark on the reed tongues.
Master Giovanni Gola tuned on the inside of the reed tongues.

Many people mistaken hand-made reeds with hand-riveted reeds. Please, note that Dallape used machines for
the initial punch of the rivets. Then after precise voicing the riveting was finished by hand. Dallape reeds never
have loose rivets which was a typical problem with many other famous reed brands.
The reed tongues were truly hand-made. They hold the voicing and tuning over many decades.

These are genuine hand-made piccolo reeds. Please, observe closely all the details.
Even the best reed makes of today can't make these reeds so precisely for the highest octave piccolo range.
There is no doubt Dallape is knows with its tonal clarity and the organ switch is absolutely fantastic.

A closer look st the bass reeds...

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