Dallape SUPERMAESTRO Accordion

Dear Accordion Friends,

The Supermaestro is Dallape's top of the line model. This particular instrument is one of the most powerful accordions I have played. The dynamic range is spectacular. You can play soft and enjoy the mellow chambered tone but you can also  play as loud as you can pull the bellows. You will not choke these reeds. The tonal clarity and projection is fascinating. The accordion body is ergonomic and very well balanced. Dallape remains the choice of many active musicians for playing long wedding gigs along with clarinets, trumpets, and saxes. This is the type of an accordion that can cut through the mix. The instrument was built with pride and remains part of Dallape's legacy. The serial number is proudly engraved or stamped on each reed block, the tone chamber, bellows frame, and many metal parts. The sound flows out easily. The compression is excellent. The Supermaestro doesn't need a long description.
This accordion will make you sound better! See you at the Accordion Gallery.

The keyboard was serviced at the Accordion Gallery. The action is excellent.

All new treble valves, fabulous keyboard action, all metal parts have been anodized and will never corrode.

The accordion body and tone chamber are made of aged mahogany. The interior is nicely varnished.

The Dallape reeds are know with their penetrating power.
They never choke and have tremendous dynamic range.

Clever mounting of the reed blocks in the tone chamber to maintain uniform pressure.

The Bass (picture above) and Tenor (picture below) reed sets are double-riveted.

The accordion comes with its original case, still in excellent condition with clean working latches,
reinforced corners, cleaned interior lining, keyboard protective cover, and side locks.

Also available are new luxury Italian cases with wheels and high quality gig bags.

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