Professional DIAMOND (MORBIDONI) Accordion

I have restored and played many accordions made by Alberto Morbidoni. All of them have been very powerful and rich sounding instruments. The quality has been very consistent with some distinct features (both in design and tonal power). Once you hear or play one of them you can usually recognize this sound. This particular accordion is virtually new. It was sold by Mike Aralde as a custom order with an additional special chrome-plated grill. The original owner cherished the instrument and played it only indoors. For all intents and purposes you can think of this as a show-room accordion. However, you can buy it for a much better price.

The classic black grill has a built-in tone modulator (see the pictures below the description). With the modulator closed I feel the combination of tonal depth, "warmth", and power that are typical for the quality cassotto accordions. Opening the modulator clearly reveals the cutting brightness of a non-chambered accordion. If you like even more brilliant tone you can use the chrome-plated metal grill. It is acoustic without a tone modulator. Both grills have a pick up and allow you to use the built-in amplification.

This accordion has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery in December of 2018 and is offered with two years warranty. The instrument looks like new. It is very clean. There are absolutely no air leaks. All reeds respond fast and play in tune. The chrome plating throughout is clean and shiny. I have provided many photographs, so that you can fully appreciate the excellent condition of this accordion.

Call with any questions or for a phone demo - 973-770-6877.

The accordion comes with interchangeable grills. The classic black grill has a built-in tone modulator.
The custom made chrome plated grill is acoustic and looks gorgeous. If reflects the stage lights or the surrounding
creating an "alive" and constantly changing appearance.

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