EXCELSIOLA Model 720 Accordion

This is a classic accordion from the best years of Excelsior. It is such a pleasure to play these light weight instruments with rich and full sound. It does not take any effort to get the sound flow out of the instrument. The dynamic range and response of the reeds could challenge any reed maker today.

This accordion has been played and loved. You will see some scratches and signs of normal wear. This is a clean instrument. The reeds are very efficient and need little air to respond. The mechanical parts function as designed with smooth action on the keyboard, bass machine, and switches. The Excelsiola 720 model is almost the same as the Excelsior Symphony model. The Excelsiola brand was endorsed by Charles Magnante while the Excelsior was endorsed by Art Van Damme (among many others). The company wanted to work with both famous artists, therefore the separate Excelsior and Excelsiola series. See the pictures below for details and more comments.

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Clean bass machine, anodized metal parts, very nice action

Nicely aged mahogany body, internal bellows gaskets, hand-made reeds with genuine leather valves

The Excelsiola 720 has the same hand-made reeds as in the Magnante model 740.

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