EXCELSIOR Jazz Cassotto Accordion SN 10493

SOUND DEMO: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cyfpbx7oeswdbin/AADzCTX5_3xg23FNDwvGZ7Ksa?dl=0

Here is another beautifully restored Excelsior accordion. The instrument has the original hand-made Excelsior reeds. You will immediately recognize the typical Excelsior sound and overtone richness. The tonal balance between treble and bass is perfect. The compression is excellent. The reeds are nicely optimized and air efficient. Playing this accordion is a true pleasure. This is the jazz model, also known as Van Damme model. It features 3 sets of reeds with double bassoon and clarinet reeds and double tone chamber. You have bassoon and clarinet reeds in the chamber and another set of bassoon reeds out of the chamber. The keyboard has extended range from G to C. This way the double bassoon sound can be used as a violin switch if played in the upper two octaves. There is also a tone modulator that is so important for the warm "Excelsior sound".

There are a few cosmetic imperfections. The "E" letter from the Excelsior name is not original and was glued a little sloppy (see the picture above the description). Several key tops have hairline surface cracks (pictures below). The keys remain smooth to the touch and have excellent action. The instrument has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery. The mechanical action and reeds performance are great.

Here is a link to a Dropbox folder where you can see more high resolution photographs and hear sound samples of this magnificent instrument. Please, use headphones to fully appreciate the tonal quality and character of the instrument:


Let's explore the interior of this beautiful accordion...
The treble valves are in excellent condition. The keyboard is clean, level, and with great action.
Several key tops have hairline surface marks, not affecting feel or performance.

Tone modulator open (picture above) and closed (picture below).
The Excelsior has the best design for the tone modulator and the effect is dramatic. You can hear it on the sound demo.

The original hand-made reeds are precisely voiced and respond to the slightest air pressure.

Very resonant reed blocks...

Double-riveted Bass and Tenor reeds, typical for the best Excelsior models

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