Excelsior Model 40 Cassotto Accordion

This Excelsior accordion was made in Italy with professional quality CAGNONI reeds with LMMH configuration. The bassoon and clarinet reeds are in a tone chamber for a deep mellow tone. The instrument was custom ordered with interchangeable reed blocks to convert the reed configuration to LMMM with musette tuning. This accordion has been played professionally. It shows cosmetic imperfections like hairline surface cracks on some plastic keys tops and scratches and celluloid repairs on few spots. The accordion performs very weel. It has been tuned and the keyboard serviced with key action optimized. The compression is great. You will enjoy a very reliable professional accordion that will be good for any music style. Having interchangeable reed blocks is like owning two instruments for the price of one. It takes 5 minutes to swap the reed blocks. See below for detailed specifications and pictures.

This is a very versatile instrument offered with a full year warranty. Call 973-770-6877 with any questions.

The interior of the accordion is clean. The wax and reed valves are in very good condition.
The reeds have been voiced and tuned.
The new owner will be very pleased with the the performance and this instrument.

The accordion was custom ordered with interchangeable musette reed blocks.
In a few minutes you can switch from LMMH to LMMM reed configuration.

I serviced the keyboard in April of 2022. Each key has been calibrated for uniform smooth action across the entire keyboard range.

The accordion comes with a Hohner gig-bag. If you prefer a hard case, just let me know.

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