This is the original, the legendary Excelsior Symphony from the Golden Age, nicely restored for another 50 years of soul enriching music. The accordion has the original hand-made Excelsior reeds. What a sound ... 

The previous owner loved his instrument and invested a lot in upgrades:
- Original key tops replaced with modern style white keys tops with smooth edges (few of the keys sow minor surface hairline scratches)

- New bellows
- New bellows protector
New grill cloth
There are not many American made Symphony accordions for sale. Musicians tend to keep them once they are lucky to find one. Some people have mentioned they would really like to have one with modern white key tops instead of the naturally yellowed original Excelsior keys. While this is a matter of personal preference and I happen to like the yellow keys I have to admit the modern key tops with smooth longitudinal edges really enhance the playing experience. The sound is spectacular. This is one of the few non0chambered instruments with which you don't need a tone chamber. With the tone modulator closed the bassoon and clarinet will melt your heart. Each reed sings. It is unbelievable how much tonal power this instrument produces while being so light you would feel like dancing with it. 

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