American Made EXCELSIOR Symphony Citation
with Limex MIDI / built-in Sound Card

This is an original American made Excelsior Symphony Grand from the Golden Age, a spectacular accordion in excellent condition. The Citation Series Excelsior is one of my favorite accordions of all times. It is an instrument with soul, very sensitive and responsive, yet powerful if needed. This particular instrument has Limex MIDI with built-in sound card and has been in my personal collection for the last several years. 

The grill controller allows access to hundreds of built-in orchestral sounds and effects including rhythm patterns. You will not need additional MIDI modules to sound like a full band.  The display is very conveniently located and shows in real time the electronics settings.

This is a priceless accordion for the right owner. The Citation Series was the the finest among all Excelsior accordions ever made! The sound is deep and mellow and resonates throughout the entire instrument. The aged body is like a resonant chamber itself. Amazing! I always admire the classic 1950s Excelsiors and keep one in my personal collection. This could be yours to keep, play, and enjoy... 

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The chrome plating is intact and shiny.

The key tops have turned slightly yellow giving the accordion even warmer appearance.
This is typical for the American made Excelsiors.

The original case is in very good condition taken into account it has protected the accordion for some 50 years.
It will serve its purpose for another half century if handled with the same respect as by the original owner.

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