I love American-made Excelsior accordions. They have wonderful rich tone and feel very comfortable to play.
Here is another beautifully restored Excelsior Symphony from the Golden Age. The accordion has the original hand-made Excelsior reeds.  

- Thoroughly cleaned
- Tuned American swing style
- New straps
- New bellows protector
- New bellows gaskets
- New grill cloth

The accordion is very clean. You will immediately recognize the typical Excelsior sound and overtone richness. The tonal balance between treble and bass is perfect. The effect of the Tone Modulator is dramatic. It is like owning two different accordions - a bright and projecting one with the modulator in open position and a warm and mellow one with the modulator closed.
The compression is excellent. The reeds are nicely voiced and air efficient. You are going to love playing this accordion.
This American made Excelsior Symphony is in excellent condition and ready for a new home! The tuning allows for performing a versatile repertoire. The ergonomic design and light weight along with the fascinating Excelsior sound make this model impossible to reproduce today.

The key tops have yellow tint from aging, typical for 1950-60's Excelsiors. This gives the accordion a nice warm look.
Many classic accordions have yellow/ivory key on purpose (Scandalli Super VI, Sonola SS20, Hohner Gola etc.)

The next two photographs show the Tone Modulator in Open and Closed position. The Tone Modulator is a very
important component of the American-made Excelsior accordions. It remains unmatched in its tonal effect.

The original hand-made Excelsior reeds and genuine leather valves are in excellent condition.

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