American Made EXCELSIOR SN 8869

This is one of the best 1940's Excelsior accordions I've had the privilege to service and play. This instrument has been lovingly played, professionally maintained, recently serviced, and is a great example of the "Golden Age" of accordion manufacturing expertise and quality. The efficiency of the original hand-made Excelsior reeds and the ergonomics of the accordion are a challenge to match by the industry today. I can say with confidence that you will not be able to purchase similar new reeds today. You can play this Excelsior without effort and achieve impressive tonal dynamics.

The accordion is very clean. All reeds produce the typical Excelsior clear and ringing sound. The tonal blend between treble and bass is perfect. The compression is excellent. The reeds use very little air and playing this accordion is a true pleasure.

This Excelsior feels alive. It helps you connect with the music. The efficiency of the reeds and the ergonomics of the accordion are among the top 5% of more than thousand accordions I have serviced and played over the years. You can play rich chords and not be concerned by running out of air in the middle of the phrase. Building such an instrument today would require 80 years old naturally aged woods, the passion and patience of the 1950's reed makers, the continuous maintenance by great masters like Aldo Mencaccini, and last but not least, a musician to keep the instrument breathing and singing. The best maintenance for any accordion it to be played regularly. And this is what this Excelsior has enjoyed for 70+ years. I will make sure it goes to a loving home. Offered serviced and with my blessing and the Accordion Gallery's comprehensive one year warranty.

Let's look inside this classic beautiful accordion...
I have shown different views, so that you can see all the reeds and reed leathers, all in excellent condition.
There is absolutely no rust or any sign of exposure to high humidity.

The wax throughout holds nice and firm. It has been recently replaced.

The photographs below show the bass side. At first glance some of you might notice that the sound board looks different than on all of the modern accordions. In the "Golden Age"  the craftsmen optimized air flow to individual reeds based on their size.

During the last 40 years the industry has lost so much knowledge due to the lack of interest from younger generationsin learning the art and craft. There is virtually no apprenticeship in Castelfidardo. The sad fact is that now as we see a revival of the accordion there are very few masters left to pass on the knowledge. Let's give them the respect they deserve and learn from them. We can certainly learn from the great craftsmen of the past as well...

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