Call: 973-770-6877

Mary Realli Hi Guenadiy,

After the last 10 days of practicing the Titano Grand convertor, I'm sounding better - and so is the accordion! It's really the perfect instrument for me right now and I feel even more appreciative of all the work you must have done to make it sound and function so well.

Family and friends are also very enthusiastic about my return to playing the accordion and are already suggesting some get togethers - ha! Bring on the polkas, tangos and folk tunes for singalongs.  Fun!  :)

Last thing - besides what I found online about you & the Accordion Gallery, one factor that prompted my decision was that you work with Guy Klucevsek. He's a fine artist, and I like his compositions and philosophy.

Thank you again!


Mary Reali
Boise, Idaho

Hi Guenadiy,

The accordion arrived safely yesterday evening - an hour before a scheduled Zoom call for my granddaughter's birthday. I was able to get it unpacked, remove the bass button padding, add straps, and find the "Happy Birthday" song in time  :)

Thank you so much for your excellent communications and service during this whole transaction! I'm really glad I found the Accordion Gallery and started a conversation with you. Finding someone with intelligence, experience and a passion for accordions was very reassuring, particularly after many of the previous leads I researched online.

First of all, what thorough shipping prep! The instrument was well protected. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the case, being used to a huge Titano Emperor with double handles.

Last evening, I played almost 2 hours. ... The low and middle treble reeds have a nice tone - particularly the single middle reed/clarinet. It sings!

The key action in both the treble and bass is very good and quiet, and I was able to play with ease. The bass voicings and free bass sound strong and clear, and provide plenty of range for anything I can currently play.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the Titano Grand - it's definitely a keeper! The instrument has most of the features I need, without the weight and overwhelming size of my last accordion.

Finally, I'm so glad to make your acquaintance, Guenadiy! At some point, I'll submit a photo and review to the New Accordion Friends section of the website.

Again, thank you!


Mary R.    

Hi Guenadiy,

The accordion [Titano Royal Cassotto with Catraro reeds] has arrived, it's fantastic, full of harmonics.

Thanks again for your professionalism.

Luca Zanetti, Italy

Bell Jazz Cassotto Accordion

Ciao Guenadiy, questa mattina finalmente è arrivata la fisarmonica. Ho verificato lo stato dello strumento, non ha subito nessun danno durante il trasporto.
Ho sbloccato la meccanica ed ho potuto provarlo.

Tutto Ok.

E' uno strumento di ottima qualità e mi piace molto. Contribuisce certamente ad arricchire la mia collezione.

Ti ringrazio ancora per avermi recuperato un ulteriore gioiello, e ti invio i miei più cari saluti.

A presto,


Hi Guenadiy,

This morning the accordion finally arrived. I checked the status of the instrument, it did not suffer any damage
during transport. I unlocked the mechanics and was able to prove it.

All good.

It is a very good quality instrument and I really like it. It certainly helps to enrich my collection.

Thank you again for restoring another jewel, and I send you my dearest greetings.

See you soon,

[Stefano Prestileo, Italy]


Hi Guenadiy,

What a fabulous accordion!
I'm in love with basically everything about it.
The musette is exquisite, amazing keyboard action and the reeds just sing.  Not to mention it's very beautiful. So happy!

Michael Schaeffer, MI


The Moreschi did finally arrive and it’s beyond my expectations!! I haven’t been able to put it down since yesterday, even my kids are making jokes how I can’t let go of my accordion like it was a new toy...

Thanks so much for the wonderful service! I will definitely be in touch in the future and hopefully sometime be able to go down for a drive to visit the accordion gallery!!


Luciano Goncalves
Chelsea, Quebec, Canada

Hello Guenadiy,

The Bell accordion arrived on Thursday afternoon! It sounds fabulous and it's such a treat to have a great-sounding accordion again!

I can't believe that it is 60+ years old! In particular, the treble keyboard is very smooth and even. I know that it's not easy to re-pad tone chamber accordions, so thank you for doing such a great job on this!

Karen Majevicz
Minneapolis, MN


Hi Guenadiy,

I did received the accordion [custom-tuned Borsini Super Star] yesterday and late last night I had the chance to unpack it and of course remove the cardboard strips from the bass machine. Simply put, the accordion is FANTASTIC! It looks, plays and sounds awesome! Also, I love the tuning. My previous Borsini was tuned more in the French Musette family which only allowed me to use the Violin switch. The other musette offerings were not of any value to me. So you’ve done a fantastic job. I was able to play Oblivion (Frank Marocco’s Arrangement) virtually duplicating his violin switch I believe is about 3 cents! Perfect for me.

Once again, I would like to thank you for working with me and providing such a fine example of this Borsini Model. It by far exceeded my expectations!

Kind Regards,

Tris Gour
Gary Dahl, The Legacy Continues LLC.

Good Day, Guenadiy.

You thanked me for "giving a home to this fine instrument."  From my first-time playing it today, I agree with that.  The shipping box arrived with zero damage.  Your packing was excellent, and the accordion was protected.

I can say that this accordion will not be put away for a while.  Too much enjoyment ahead.  I love the RH keys' action. The accordion sings under my fingers, and is most enjoyable to hear the Sano-Sixty voices.  It has transported me back to the best days of accordion playing I had.  Those days are here again, I am certain.

Thanks very much for helping to make this acquisition happen for me.  Before too long I plan to add a stereo amplifier to complete my instrument setup.

Take good care.  With kind regards,
Bob B
Kansas City, MO

Dear Guenadiy

I have been playing the Super Quattro Artist since I purchased it couple of months ago.
I am very pleased and happy. The more I play the sweeter it sounds. The reeds ring out powerfully and the tone over all is superb. Specially the tone chamber reeds are beautiful.
The bellows tension and flexibility are perfect.

I would highly recommend this accordion for any serious accordion player.

Chris Chellappa
Morrisville NC

Louis Tanaskovic Dear Guenadiy,

While the taste in accordion looks, sound, brand name, etc., is subjective with accordionists, we can all say boldly, we love our squeeze boxes. My lovely S&F Super Quattro Elegant arrived to its new home safe and sound and was put to work right away. The instrument looks great, feels great and sounds great. However, the potential of the exceptional sound is still in the making as the accordion is played and matures with time.

Guenadiy, I want to thank you, Mr. Ivan Stanojlović and all the good folks at SIWA & FIGLI for creating this great instrument. You have made me a happy man. My wife is a little jealous right now that I spend more time with my accordion than with her but she’ll get over it. Thank you for your professionalism, honesty and excellence in the achievement of this great instrument. I will cherish it for the rest of my life.

Lord bless,

Louis Tanaskovic

Hi Guenadiy!

It is fabulous! Loving it! It really is a nice Accordion.... Looking forward to playing again after all these years.
Thank you!


Cheryl Kohler
Trumbull, CT
[Siwa & Figli Champion "Yavor" Accordion]

Hi Guenadiy:

The SS6 is awesome!  You represented it perfectly.  I love the warmth of the reeds in the tone chamber, especially the middle reed.  And the high reed is super clear all the way up to the top.  The punchy bass side is a ton of fun.  But the unexpected star of this accordion is... the bellows.  I don't think I've ever played anything with compression that can be controlled so finely and with so little effort.   I wore myself out playing it this evening.  I can't wait to see what else I can do with it tomorrow.

The packing job was superb-- you would make my mother, the queen of box-packers everywhere, proud.  And your instructions for setting up the accordion made the process a piece of cake.  I'm glad I was able to buy this instrument from you.

Until next time!

Geoff Freed
Arlington, MA

Mark Hammett's feedback
Hi Guenadiy,

I want to thank you for all you did to assist me in the acquisition of my Giulietti accordion of which I am absolutely elated.  It looks and plays like a brand new accordion and feels, sounds, and looks almost identical to my fathers Super V from back in the day.  It is so helpful to be able to play an instrument of which I am already well acquainted.  My playing skills have definitely suffered after so many years of inactivity but I intend to make it a priority to reach my full potential as a musician, and my “new” Giulietti will certainly make it easier and more enjoyable for me in my quest.  I hope to keep in touch with you.  Thank you again, my friend!

Wishing you the best,

Mark Hammett
Gulf Shores, AL

Dear Guenadiy,

The Iorio Concert Accorgan arrived here in Montana when you said it would. It was packed beautifully and your instructions online helped me get it ready to play. I felt I’d never buy an instrument sight unseen, but I’m so glad my family surprised me at my birthday with this accordion.

Everyone who knows about you said, “Yeah, Guenadiy is the guy”, and now I know. Your online description was absolutely right. The Magnatera reeds sound great, but your work on this well-used rarity is a revelation. After 10 hours of playing it, taking into account my limited experience since I’m primarily a pianist, I can say it’s responsive, the action is great, the reeds sound lovely to me, it can sing and bark, and the tuning is as good as I’ve ever experienced. It sits on a table next to my piano, and I can’t walk past it without picking it up and playing. My piano practicing is suffering because I’m spending so much time with the Iorio, but thanks for your stellar work!

You said,”It’s not the prettiest accordion,” but to me it’s beautiful, and will get me to a new level of playing and understanding the possibilities of accordions before I’m ready to get that Petosa or Victoria or Bugari or Siwa and Figli.

All the best,

Philip Aaberg
Grammy and Emmy Nominee
Composer and Recording Artist

Hi Guenadiy:

Between last night and this afternoon I've been able to spend a few hours with my newly retuned Giulietti, getting reacquainted with my repertoire.  The more I play the accordion, the more I appreciate the work that you did!  The sound is much smoother than before, and dynamic control is much easier.  I can now create and control decrescendos and crescendos with subtlety that was not previously possible.  And the free bass sounds especially impressive, with even tone and faster reed response overall.  I can pull music out of this accordion with ease.  It's fabulous.  I can't thank you enough for your time and patience.

Have a great summer!

Geoff Freed, MA


Robin Russell Dear Guenadiy:

Words cannot express my appreciation for helping me to realize my accordion dream.  Bright, responsive, efficient, deep, versatile and a “Special Edition” model……it expresses beautifully the music, which opens and speaks through my heart.

What a gift you have given in bringing us together.  Thank you for your innovative ideas and fascinating story of how you came to meet Ivan, for taking the risks you both have to create such a unique instrument, and for magically placing it into my hands at what is seemingly the perfect time in my life. The music that flows through the reeds resonates in ways I have longed for, and yet to find that in a box that fits so comfortably in my arms seemed out of reach.  

Voila! Here it is! The SIWA satisfies all of my passions for playing solo and back-up music as well as performing the dance music of my New England cultural heritage and community. Through the tone of the reeds it somehow brings the ancestors of times and places past together with the living present in a spirit of love.  In today’s world, I feel this is vitally important, lest we lose our compassion and courage in the face of injustices and separatisms.  


Robin Russell

Aloha Guenadiy,

I received my accordion in beautiful condition yesterday [Siwa & Figli Cobra Grande].
It's great to have an accordion with such lovely tone.  Makes it much more fun to practice.

Thank you,
Tor Chantara, HI

Good morning Guendadiy:

Just want you to know how much I appreciate your skill in mastering the art of repairing and restoring accordions. Master technicians like you are hard to come by.

I arrived home at 10:00 pm last night after a long day of travel including five Uber rides and two long buses rides.
... the Beltuna is in fine shape despite the long trip.

Your mastery of the craft in addition to your kindness and hospitality made the trip a success.

Thanks again. I wish you many years of good health to come.


Suzanne SHAYT
Gaithersburg, MD


Bob Bernstein Greetings, Guenadiy!

 It was wonderful to visit you again and play the Guerrini Superior President, Dallape Supermaestro, and finally, the Siwa & Figli Super Quattro.  I had been admiring the beautiful sound of the Guerrini President for quite a few years, and when one appeared on your website, I had to give you a call.  It was certainly worth the 14 hour drive to play it and see for myself what it sounded like. It was truly a magnificent instrument.  The Dallape was beautiful too, but not exactly what I was looking for.  Finally, I played the Super Quattro.  In many ways, it resembled the Guerrini, but with a richer, even more beautiful tone, and fuller bass.  In my mind, there was no question that for me, the Siwa & Figli was the better choice than the Guerrini.  Two weeks have elapsed since I brought home the Super Quattro, and every time I play it, I love it more than the time before.  I would recommend that anyone in the market for a Guerrini President do a side by side comparison with the Super Quattro.  Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous instrument, and please thank Mr. Stanojlovich and all those at Siwa & Figli for the superb work they have done to create it.

All the best,

Bob Bernstein

Hi Guenadiy.
I just finished my first full practice day post-repair
[La Tosca Eldorado Cassotto overhaul], and: Wow!
My accordion really does sound and feel like a new instrument.  I am particularly pleased with how much more responsive it is, but also everything just sounds so much better. I had high expectations, and you completely exceeded them. I know it was a challenging job, so I especially appreciate the great care you put into the work. Thank you!
Best regards,

Carl Riehl


Hi Guenadiy:

Finally the accordion arrived in Guatemala. This morning I picked it up at the offices of the courier company. In that place  I checked it and apparently everything in order. At home I unpacked it and removed the cardboard protector of the bass keyboard according to the instructions of your website. I waited 20 minutes for it to adapt to the local temperature and in the meantime I placed the straps. The accordion sounds fantastic, it is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much for packing so well. Greetings.

Kazumi Edgardo Lou Goto

Dianna Davis Hello Guenadily,

I hope you are well. I've been meaning to send you a note about how much I love my Siwa and Figli accordion that I bought last summer. I've been enjoying the sounds and sweet response of the bellows and it is just the perfect weight for me so I can play longer gigs and practice with more ease.

My music colleagues and audience members love the look and sound of the accordion and everyone in Indianapolis is very glad that I have purchased my lovely new accordion.

Thank you again for spending the time with me to help me choose just the right accordion. It was worth the effort!

All the best,
Dianna Davis
Indianapolis, IN

Ron Oswanski The Siwa Schumann custom made for me with the help of Guenadiy and the Accordion Gallery captures everything I was looking for in a musette instrument.  The accordion is custom designed from the ground up with a reed configuration of MMMM.  The appearance, tuning, size, and midi capabilities are as good, if not better than anyone can expect out of a high end accordion in a compact design.  The custom musette tuning was exactly as I asked, and Guenadiy was more than happy to help map out for me.  The Schumann, on top of it being a power house instrument, has the bonus of wireless midi built in.  The setup allows me to not only run built in sounds from the internal sound card, but gives me the ability to WIRELESSLY run Mainstage at virtually no latency.  With a series of volume pedals, I'm able to mix my acoustic accordion with not only multiple bass setups, but combine those options with various synths all in real time and again,...   all wirelessly!

Thank you Siwa and Guenadiy!!


Steve Balcourt Dear Guenadiy,

I wish to thank you so very much for all your attention to detail in restoring this fabulous instrument. The reeds are tuned to perfection and the keyboard feels great. This old Lo Duca Duke 13 accordion was well made and it has found a good home with me. I will treasure it always.

The accordion was packed very well and arrived in excellent condition. You have been extremely generous in your correspondence with me and very helpful answering all my questions and concerns in a timely manner.

I would recommend your service to all!!

Best Regards,

Steve Balcourt
Exchange, West Virginia

Charlie Schueller Dear Guenadiy

Thanks again for your patience and expertise in selecting my accordion.   The Siwa and Figli Champion
is exactly what I was looking for combining full size keys, and professional tone in a lighter weight instrument.   The interchangeable reed block was a bonus I didn't anticipate!   The dynamic range of this instrument is remarkable and best of all, my wife likes the sounds of it.

Charlie Schueller
Rockville, MD

I have been meaning to let you know how wonderful that Mundinger accordion is! I have owned six accordions
in my life and this is clearly the one I will be playing for the rest of my life. Musette gives it the old world charm I have always been looking for. When I accompany my wife's singing it literally sounds like the accordion is adding another voice to the mix! It is a refined instrument with a nice balance between bass and treble. It is definitely a keeper!

Jim Thomas

Tom Granda Guenadiy:

Just want to say "Thank You" for your hospitality to
me and my grandson a few weeks ago, you made
the 4 1/2 hr trip from Western Pa. a real pleasure.

As for the "Polytone Polka King" accordion it is just
perfect. Your work on the keyboard is outstanding!! I get more complements on the looks and sound of the Polytone. Of course the first question is, where did you get it. My answer - Guenadiy at Accordion Gallery!!!!!!!

Thanks again,

Tom G

Glenn Miller Thanks so much Guenadiy!

This special featured custom accordion was a perfect fit for my recent acoustic performance!  My dear friend Les Skeans is with me on his cool photo work!

Glenn Miller - The Big One Man Band!

Hi Guenadiy,

Love my new Guerrini Musette accordion.  The tuning
for Italian music is outstanding.  You are the only one that I will recommend for accordion repair or to purchase an accordion.  Thank you again!

Felix Mucedola

Dear Guenadiy,

Wow! I can't thank you enough. Your expert technical understanding of the physics of the accordion and your understanding of what I need as a musician are really unique in the accordion world.

You've made my Fantini, Scandalli and my four Hohners all sound and play far better than I could have hoped.
I can't thank you enough.

Charlie Giordano

Hello Guenadiy,

The accordion arrived in perfect condition. [acoustic Ballone Bourini accordion after overhaul]

The work you did on it is tremendous and I love to play it. Sounds really amazing.
I love the new registers as well.

Hubert Gall

Tom Lasko Guenadiy,

I just wanted to say thank you for being a very good "matchmaker."  I was looking for a compact sized accordion that could cover jazz/tango tunes and coexist with my 37/96 Antico Petosa.  I love the size and sound of my new-old Excelsior AC Continental Stroller.  It is from the golden era of Excelsior accordions and was made in New York City in the 1950s.  It is comparable to owning a small-bodied Martin guitar from the 1930s in that the smaller size provides ease while playing but does not diminish the power of the instrument.  This body style is still made today, so it is very contemporary looking yet has all the most desirable construction materials and techniques from the best period of Excelsior accordion building.  It's a very rare instrument at 41/120 with an 18" keyboard, handmade reeds, cassoto, and ergonomically speaking, it is very friendly.  Guenadiy, you are right on when you say that ... when you find the right accordion, you will know it; the instrument will speak to you and you will simply want to spend more time with it.  I know that this accordion will inspire my playing and open up new musical avenues for me to explore.

Thanks so much,

Thomas Lasko, Nobleboro, Maine

David Gritt Hi Guenadiy,

Just a few lines to let you know I am thrilled with my new Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Compact Mussette accordion! Our collaboration on the reed configuration and body size/weight was right on the money. This accordion has so much personality in sound as well as great looks! The 13 treble registers offer  wonderful combinations from dry through mild musette and even wonderfully wet musette. Yet the voices are never harsh. I am most amazed at how each reed set blends with the others. Please add me to your long list of happy owners of a Siwa & Figli accordion.

Best Regards,

David Gritt

Hi Guenadiy !

I am very, very, pleased with the accordion !

Abslolute excellent packing you did: real professional job.

Played all the single reeds hands together scales for a check and all combinations and your right...the tuning is accurate and right on between both hands. The overall sound is way better than before and I know I will be
playing it daily now.

I am really impressed with the new keyboard action and it's a dream to practise and play on. ( my keyboard frustrations are over now ! )

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the excellent professional services you provided.  You certainly have a great love for the accordion and it shows in your playing and restoration skills.

I'll continue enjoying your website.

Take care for now my acccordion friend and all the best to you !

Dave from Canada !

John Blumenfeld Hello Guenaday and Happy New Year!

The accordion looks great!  I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this instrument.  Every time I play it, I discover something else I like about it.  The sounds are so rich and full of overtones.  The instrument just feels right.  The keyboard is great.  As you can see, I have no problem walking around with it and playing.  It’s perfect for my needs.  The bassoon and clarinet both sing and the various musette tuning sound so natural together.  I also find the bandon and sax both wonderful as well.  It’s such a pleasure to play an instrument that’s tuned just right.

Thanks again for making this possible.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me.  Hope to see you some time in the next year or two. 


John Blumenfeld, MN

Dear Guenadiy,
My wife and I would like to thank you for making our visit to the Accordion Gallery such a memorable one.  Having the opportunity to play a few accordions, and then to sit and listen to you and Sergey play so many wonderful
tunes on some of the very same instruments, made deciding on the Pan Italia much easier than I imagined and
very enjoyable.  I am very happy with my choice, in fact, I could not be happier.  I genuinely appreciate the time
that you took to answer all of my questions and for honoring my request to see the inside of the Pan Italia first hand.  All in all it was a great experience, one that we will not forget.  Should I ever decide to purchase another accordion, you have already earned that business.  There is no substitute for the peace of mind that I had when
I left your gallery with my new accordion.  The quality of the re-waxing and the tuning were evident both in appearance and in the beautiful tones the instrument produces.  The instrument continues to surprise me a week later.  Songs that I have played on my previous accordion sound so different now, so much better.  I have taken your musical advice to heart as well and after one week, I can say with absolute certainty that I do not intend to return to my old ways.  You and Sergey did so much more than play and sing many wonderful tunes; you showed me how to have fun playing the accordion.  During one of our many phone conversations leading up to my wife
and I visiting the Accordion Gallery, you suggested that we view the visit as an experience, not simply buying an accordion.  You were correct, we enjoyed the experience immensely and for that I thank you.  Please pass along
our thanks to Sergey as well, it was a pleasure to meet him and listen to his music.  Hopefully, we can all meet
again sometime in the future.
Take care,
John Medved

Sergei Nirenburg Dear Guenadi –

Thanks for the wonderful time, the playing and all the information about the instruments.

When I came home and once again took out the Petosa you tuned for me, it once again made me appreciate the quality of your work. I started with the single bassoon and clarinet reeds, and my wife said: “Hmm, what a strange clean sound – it practically sounds like a piano or an oboe.” ...

The machine now is so much more versatile than before you tuned it. If before I didn’t like using the accordion register too much because it sounded "dirty" to me [very "wet" tuned], now it has all the musette that I need, not more, not less. And the clean combinations of tone-chambered reeds are just so pure and clean! They invite you to play baroque chorals…

So, now I seem to have more options to add color to the playing.

I am also looking forward to getting my new Siwa & Figli instrument. It should complement the Petosa very well,  with having the piccolo reeds and the cassotto in the bass…

Looking forward to coming back for that instrument soon.

Cheers, Sergei Nirenburg, MD

Dear Guenadiy,

The Bell [Model 4511] arrived safely last night.  First I would like to say how beautiful and clean it is. You had described it as looking like new but in person it is flawless.  I love the the keyboard length [19-3/8"]. Anyone with long fingers would appreciate it and I don’t know why current manufactures  don’t incorporate it into their design.  And the sound, well suffice to say I’m looking forward to getting to know this instrument over the coming months and years.  It is magnificent and so responsive in all the dynamics.  THis is a fantastic instrument and I thank you
for all your help and the great packing job with all the instructions for unpacking.  I can’t wait to play it on some
gigs and hear how it blends with singers and other instruments.

Anyway, Guenadiy, I’m very pleased and although I havent had much playing time yet, I just wanted to say thank you.

Henry Spurgeon, CA

Guenadiy, the ss4 arrived yesterday. I love it!!!

Awesome packing! Thank you so much!

Cathie T


Glenn Miller "Accordion Gallery keeps me going strong!"

Glenn Miller, PA

Dragalin Muscan Hello my good friend Guenadiy,

I received my new Siwa accordion. I played it for about an hour and its like you say - a fabulous accordion, very powerful accordion. The touch is amazing. I played it like I've owned it for 20 years. I love it!

Thank you Guenadiy for everything. You really are a true friend!

Your Friend,

Dragalin Muscan, FL

Hi, Guenadiy !
Just unpacked and checked out the accordion.  It is excellent.  I did a side-by-side comparison with the Hohner
Bravo III 72.  The Soprani is much better quality and has a much better sound.  The bassoon on the Soprani is
deep, as it used to be, compared to the higher-pitched bassoon on the later instruments.  
The accordion is excellent and a very good purchase for me.  It is nice and light and well-made.  The packing was very good and it came in just one day.  The hard case fits perfectly.
I am delighted with the purchase.  It has really worked out well. 
It sounds like the bass machine has a piccolo reed that sounds for both register settings.  I have never heard this sort of tuning in the bass.  It goes very well with the musette of the right hand.
The whole instrument is classic European elegance.
Thanks, again. 

Alan Tischler, MD

Hello Guenadiy,
I received the Sonola and Excelsior Accordions this afternoon and haven't been able to put them down since... they are both wonderful instruments!  Everything is clean, neat, tidy, and in working order.  The sound of each is unique and so pleasing!  I love the right hand keyboard response on the Sonola (very quick and tight)  and its beautiful sounds on all the various registers on both the right and left hand. The left hand bass register is very deep and powerful. This accordion just "sings!" It is so sweet!   And the Excelsior has a nice mellow "continental" sound, very warm.  Both different, and both wonderful!
Thank you for packing these accordions so securely and for taking such great care.  They both arrived in perfect condition, no nicks, dents, or scratches.  I removed the cardboard from the left hand bass buttons on the Sonola
as you described on the website and didn't encounter any problems.  Your attention to detail is amazing, even making sure the Scotch tape on the carboard was folded over so as not to "sticky" the bass mechanisms.  Even
the accordion cases are spotless, clean, neat, tidy, and in good condition.  And thank you for the new padded accordion straps, they are perfect!
I will be performing with these accordions at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this Fall.  As a graduate of the
Music Department, I will be busy playing the accordion at various events throughout the weekend, including being the featured performer at the Sunday afternoon Alumni Recital.  I can't wait to "show off" these amazing instruments to the alumni, students and staff.  I am sure they will get a thrill to hear all the variety of music the accordion can provide. 
I will give you a call on Tuesday or Wednesday to play a tune or two over the phone, if you would like.  Thank you for offering these fantastic instruments, Guenadiy.  I will be sure to keep in contact with your website to check out more accordions in the future and will be sure "spread the word" about the exceptional  accordion sales and
service you provide.  I truly am grateful to have these beautiful accordions a part of the family.  Thank you.
Stephen Stadler, MN

Christine Chronis Dear Gueniday,

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with my new accordion!  You are right; it is magnificent. And I haven't even begun to discover what it can do yet.
I love the instrument! I treat it like a newborn baby.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Christine Chronis, NY

Hi Guenadiy, 

I've been playing the Scandalli quite a bit recently.  The tuning sounds great. It's very usefull to have all the
different musette choices.  Also the keyboard feels just right.  Thanks again for your work and patience,


Charlie Giordano

Rob Trietsch Guenadiy,

It’s been two weeks since I picked up my Excelsior 940, on which you performed a complete restoration.  Each day as I play it, I am amazed at the fantastic job you did!  

You have revived this vintage 40 year old instrument and given it new life.  It is now vibrant, energetic and a delight to play.  Thanks to your expertise, the reeds are producing magnificent overtones.  The reed work and tuning you did is remarkable and the response from the keyboard after you completely overhauled it and adjusted the action is great.

I am grateful that such a talented, gifted and master craftsman is available locally to offer such specialized services.

Thanks for the terrific restoration, words of wisdom, knowledge transfer and your friendship.

You’re the Best! ....... Rob Trietsch

Hello again.

I just wanted to write and thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my Guerrini. Since I picked it up I've
taken it to Boston, Newfoundland, and New York, played a few concerts in some very nice, reverberant halls,
played in a few bars, played for some folk dancers, and I have to tell you - the instrument is sounding so great!
It's responding better than ever, the tuning is really spot-on, and I'm so happy to have it in good shape again.
I feel like I can actually "hear" it again, you know? Whatever I do seems to stand out somehow within the ensemble, and take its own sonic space, instead of being muddied-up. I think it has to do with all the overtones responding to each other, like you were talking about. It just somehow seems to attack more, in a good way.

So thank you thank you thank you! I so much appreciate your taking the time in your schedule to get this
instrument of mine back in excellent working order. It makes a big difference to my playing, and, I hope, to the audiences as well!

I feel like all the accordionists in the New York area (and even farther afield) are very lucky to have you nearby.
You do wonderful work.

All the best.


Glenn E. Miller HI Guenadiy!

I thank you so much for this very special wooded custom Siwa.  You already are aware of the many fine accordions I own and use to perform.  I can truly say this  Siwa is my  personal favorite and I only have her for just a few days!  I  eagerly look forward to many special visits and continued business with  your wonderful Accordion Gallery.

Most sincerely,

Glenn Miller,  Pennsylvania's Big One Man Band

John Krempasky Guenadiy,

I used the accordion last Sat and Sun for the first time on a gig. It performed flawlessly. People were impressed with the sound and the looks. I put  some info on the web.

Best way to discribe it, FANTASTIC.

John K


The Dallape SM is superb!  Thanks to your efforts, the keyboard is perfect.  It tells me you really
listened & understood what I was seeking from a keyboard touch & response.  I've never played
a better one!
The compression and balance result in an ease of play that accordionists hope for but seldom find.
And, the tone & tonal balance between Bass & Treble keyboards has to be heard to be beleved. This
is a wonderful instrument that will allow me to be the best accordionist that I can be.  I am truly grateful
for your talent, your efforts, and especially, your friendship.


Lou Close, WI

Hi Guenadiy,
I've been playing the Politonette extensively these past few weeks.  I LOVE it.  It handles both old time, classical and jazz and projects expressively.  The tuning is great and the responsive keyboard excellent.  Just thought I would let you know.  Thanks, and a Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year to you and family.
Laurence Walmsley

Bob Alexander Guenadiy,

The accordion [Siwa & Figli Super Cobra] is perfect. Details are spectacular. I don't even need a backstrap with those pads. Still exploring all the sounds. Basses are superb.


Blessings for the season,

Enclosed are two performance photos from last night.

The instrument is playing very well and getting better. Love the tuning.

Bob Alexander

Hi Guenadiy,

I recieved the Excelsior NY yesterday. It arrived in perfect condition, your packaging was outstanding.
I let it warm up to room temperature for several hours before I played it. It is exactly as you described it.

Thanks again,

Jim Chisek

Siwa & Figli = Fantastic!!!

Hi Guenadiy,
When playing the accordion [Siwa & Figli Super Quattro] at your place I was very much impressed but since having
it for a while and playing various solos, I am even more impressed. The reeds produce a blend of sound (master shift) I have been looking for. My Sonart 200C had that kind of a big, fat master shift sound but couldn't compare with my S&F on any of the other shift blends. The bass is unbelievable. No matter how softly I play or how heavy
an accent, the reeds perform perfectly.

On the S&F, I can go from a whisper to very loud with great control and yet when playing loud, I can still play accents that are noticeably even louder. Couldn't do that on the Sonart.

One very pleasant surprise is the ease in which I can bellows shake. ... The S&F is much like my old Excelsior in
that it is balanced.
I knew right away in checking out the S&F's that they had the full bodied sound I love and it was just a matter
of deciding between the two wooden tone chamber models. The real appreciation didn't come until the S&F was played at home and I realized how good it was after going through several different types of music. Like the old Excelsiors, it "sings" to me.

George Wechkus

Tom Smith Hi Guenadiy,

I'm very pleased with my new Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Elegant accordion.  I've already been using it in my performances and it not only looks "elegant" but sounds elegant!  After performing on an Excelsior Concert Grand since 1954, I didn't think I would ever enjoy playing another accordion, but that all changed when you introduced me to the new Siwa & Figli accordions.  I especially appreciate the key action on both sides of the Super Quattro, since I play many classical and jazz compositions which requires a very nimble and fast technique.  The Super Quattro delivers, along with its great sound - WOW!

I also thank you for your very patient, helpful advice and technical knowledge in helping me choose the proper instrument for my needs.  You are truly a blessing and a good friend to all of us in the accordion world.

Warmest thanks,

Tom Smith

Laura Balladur Guenadiy,

Thank you so much for this wonderful accordion!
The day after I returned from New Jersey, my friend and I were so inspired by its sound, we practiced for what seemed like forever. It's going to take me a little while to edit a video clip of us playing, but in the meantime, thought I'd share this picture from our latest gig. We ("Les Chats Noirs") play at the Merry Table on Wharf St. in Portland Maine.

Thanks again, and when I'm ready for something else, you'll be hearing from me.

All my best,


Eddie Zee My Friend Guenadiy,

Thank you for introducing me to Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Compact with Hey-di MIDI. The Hey-di MIDI is super user friendly and the accordion reeds are extremely pleasing to the year, a combination that makes for a beautiful instrument. I play professionally every Sunday and can't wait for the weekends to come.

Many thanks,

Eddie Zee

Matt Hedson Dear Guenadiy,

The Super Quattro Accordion I purchased has an excellent tone. It's a pleasure to play, even after 3 hours of continuous practice. I get compliments from other musicians on its excellent sound.

Thank you again for selling me this fine accordion; and also, for the good treatment & advice you've extended during the sale.

Very Best Regards,

Matt Hedson
Phila., PA

David Gritt Hello Guenadiy,

Thank you so much for tuning my Scandalli Super VI L.
I simply asked you to tune it as you would tune your own personal accordion.

Words cannot express my total happiness with the results. Together we discussed and agreed that it was time to do a complete tuning and to tune the out of tone chamber M reeds to produce a beautiful mild
tremolo. My Scandalli now thrills my heart when I
play it!

All of this you accomplished even though we have never met personally. My accordion made the trip to and from the Accordion Gallery in perfect working order and condition.

Finally let me say that there is no other way to describe you and your work than to call you "The Accordion Master"! I highly recommend you and your services to all.

Best Wishes,

David Gritt

Mario Attilo   Hi Guenady,

  The new accordion is fantastic.
  Thanks for all your help.

  Talk to you soon,

Hello Guenadiy:

Thank you-thank you.  After the tuning job you did on my new Excelsior 911,  I just had to say thank you for a excellent job.  I am very pleased with my new sound and really enjoy playing once again.  It renewed my ambition
to play and can't put the thing down.

Many thanks to Al Meixner who steered me to your Accordion Gallery.  I was very unhappy with the sound of the accordion as it came from the factory and was looking for a reputable tuner .  After searching the mid-west  where there seems to be more accordion tuners than here on the East coast,  I didn't want to go thru the hassel of shipping or maybe traveling great distances  to have the work done, and then possibly not satisfied along with it.

Then I decided to try your work and was never more satisfied, especially for the time you took to search my mind
as to exactly which type of sound I preferr.  I certainly would recommend your work to everyone, and the thing
that made me come to the Accordion Gallery is that you are located almost in my back yard here in NJ--only 1 hour away.  There is nothing better than to meet and talk face to face with the person doing the delicate tuning work.  Thanks again Guenadiy.  If I ever need any type of accordion service in the future,  You are the man.

Yours truly

Frank Stipko
Milltown, NJ

Anthony Ciotti Greetings Guenadiy!
Here is the picture of me with the newest addition to the family.   Enjoying very much playing my new Quinta...fantastic sound, great keyboard action, and wonderful craftsmanship!
All the Best,

Dear Guenadiy,

Thank you very much for the excellent service of my Excelsiola Magnante. You lovingly restored this magnificent instrument back to its former glory.

I feel so fortunate to have found your restoration service. Your knowledge and enthusiasm for the accordion is impressive.  After our initial consultation, I felt confident that I was leaving my instrument in capable hands.

I highly recommend your service not only for the experienced musician but also for the future accordion player like me.  You treated me with kindness and respect.

Thank you also for your invaluable advice and recommendations.

Susan Robe, NJ


I hope you have returned safely from your trip.  I absolutely love the Super Paolo!  You were correct – my level of playing is improving rapidly as I play it each day.  The accordion is even more versatile and expressive that I could have ever imagined.  The musette sounds are amazing and rich, and I love the concert tuned LMH as well.  I also love the way the bassoon and piccolo reeds resonate into the bellows from the tone chamber!  Not to mention the amazing versatility of the bass section – WOW!  Truly a dream come true.  Thanks you so much for your guidance
in the selection and help in the purchase of this absolutely gorgeous instrument.  You provide a valuable service to the worldwide accordion community, and you are to be commended for sharing your gift with us all.  I look forward to meeting you in person next time I make it up to the northeast, and trying some of your other instruments, including a new Siwa!

Pleased to be your new accordion friend,

Best regards,

George Newman, NC

Hi Guenadiy:

The accordion arrived today in perfect condition, and I couldn't wait to try it!  I was absolutely amazed at what
you were able to do with the tuning and reed response......for the first time since I owned this accordion I actually enjoyed playing it.  The tuning and the reed response are fabulous.  The bandoneon is in tune and powerful, and the bassoon reeds are mellow and full sounding.  The tuning of the higher bassoon reeds which had bugged me
so much before is now perfect.  Guenadiy, you are a magician!  Everything is now so much better balanced that I can't believe you didn't do anything with the bass reeds.

Many people I have encountered who do accordion work are technicians, but not really musicians.  Because you have all the technical and mechanical knowledge you handle that side of it well, but because you are also a very
fine musician and have that well trained musician's ear, you add another dimension to your work that makes all
the difference.

I am so grateful for what you have done with my accordion, and for the encouragement you have given me.
I hope before too long to visit your accordion gallery and have the opportunity of meeting you and trying your
Siwa accordions.  If you send me a few more of your cards, I will refer any of my accordion friends who need
expert work done on their instruments, or who might be interested in a new accordion.

Best Wishes,

Dave Bjorklund, MN

I played it [Siwa Super Quattro] for an hour tonight.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  I started to get so comfortable with it immediately.  I honestly can't imagine what this thing will sound like 2 years from now.  You and Ivan did one
heck of a job on these accordions.  I will give you a call within the next few weeks so you can hear the sound
coming through with some Serbian touch. 

Best Wishes,

Velibor Drobnjak, OH


I've been really busy with work and practicing my new accordion. I LOVE IT. I have to compliment you, not only on your word in regards to the accordion, but in your customer relations - I've never experienced such a good transaction before in my life, not just in the accordion world, but anywhere. I will recommend you to everyone that asks.

Your satisfied customer and friend,

Boki K. Cvetkovski


Hi Guenadiy,

I just had to write to you this evening - our band had our first rehearsal with my new accordion - not only everyone loved the sound of the accordion, but the sound of the whole band just changed and hat a better quality.

Thank you again.


Dear Guenadiy

The accordion arrived this afternoon in good condition.  I am absolutely blown away with how beautiful it looks! This was better than Christmas for me!!  I was able to get the cardboard packing out of the bass without a problem.  It was not as complicated as I thought it would be.  Everything is so gorgeous ~ the straps are beautiful, you filled in the holes nicely with those patches/plugs? and the wonderful grill cloth, bellows protector......Everything!..the case, etc, etc.  Wow, I've already spent at least 2 hours playing it.  I didn't realize you could tune an accordion, but I sure do notice the difference. ...  I just had to tell you how thrilled I am and it's just in time, too.

Thank you again, SO MUCH!!

Sue Stodola, WI

Dear Guenadiy,

I did the bass accordion overdubs on two pieces from the
new album yesterday, and it blended beautifully, both with
the Sonola and with the ensemble in general.
It perfectly filled the need I felt for it in both pieces.
The tuning job you did is just beautiful.

Thanks again.


November 15 2008
Peter Norton Symphony Space
2537 Broadway, New York
Hello Guenadiy,

Thank You for the nice "SIWA & FIGLI" Accordion.

Greg Krepa



The accordion is fantastic and it was not damaged.  The midi is awesome and the keyboard has such a nice soft quick bounce.  The accordion is better than my Guerrini Superior 2 which I bought 10 years ago.  I could have saved a lot of money if I bought this SIWA ten years ago.  Thanks for all  of your expert help and thank Ivan for me.  This accordion is truly a masterpiece!
Srecko Suvajac
Valparaiso, IN

Hello Guenadiy!

I have recieved the accordion couple of days ago. Thank you for the professional packing and securing the bass mechanism. I have no words to describe the hapiness with my brand new Siwa Super Quatro accordion. Can't stop playing it. It's really a masterpiece. This is the first accordion I tried and owned that plays so loud, clear and sharp with mature sound right out of the box. Binci professional reeds are fantastic for Balkan (Yugoslav) music that I play. Its well balanced, lighter weight than Guerrini and easy to play with extreme reed response. I can't believe the depth and power of the basses. To all respect to other Balkan accordion manufacturers but this Siwa Super Quatro is so much better than any new Scandalli or Guerrini I tried. It looks to me that today in a new accordion world Siwa represents a new generation of accordions with the desired sound of legendary accordions from 60s and 70s such as Scandalli Super 6 or Guerrini Superior.

Thank you and best wishes,

Nedzad Dugonjic, UT

Dear Guenadiy,
Thank again for your hospitality--lunch, your precious time, sharing your musicianship and expertise with me--a delight as always.  These visits always lift me soul and remind me why I love being a musician. I've been playing
the Sonola since I got home, and it is a beauty, just perfect for what I need.
This accordion is The Bomb!
It's like somebody up there read my description of the sound I was looking for and made this exact Sonola SS20
just for me! That rich, deep bass sound (I actually LOVE the C-bass, don't need lower with this accordion, it is resonating like crazy as it is), that crackling, sparkling, brilliant treble sound, with a rare combo of gorgeous single-reed  tone and real bite, with ringing upper harmonics; and enough zing to cut through any texture when necessary.  The balance between the left and right hands is absolutely perfect.

What a job you did on this accordion!
I cannot imagine that it sounded any better 50 years ago for the original owner.

I am one VERY happy accordion player today!!!!!

Guy Klucevsek, NY

We've known each-other for about 3 years. In all our conversations during this period of time we discussed the mystery of the accordion makers from the 60's. As you know, I even went to Germany for a HOHNER GOLA few years ago and I did not buy the accordion because something was missing in the overall sound...
I remember when you told me about SIWA accordions and I cut the conversation very short that day telling you that SIWA is just another new accordion which I don't care for. Then I knew that you would not talk about this accordion and even recommend it to me as "the accordion that I'm looking for"! Knowing you as a person, I trust you and I placed the order for a SIWA based on your description.
Well.... I received my new SIWA accordion... It is not only a good accordion... It is a FANTASTIC instrument which I was looking for for many years!
My conclusion: The SIWA accordion will put down even the top of the line accordions from the 60's and from today including : Petosa, Hohner Gola, Dallape, Guerriny and so on.
I'm not scared to put the SIWA side by side with the famous SCANDALLI SUPER VI (not the new ones because I will insult the SIWA).
I would like to specially thank Mr. Ivan [Stanojlovic] not only for making my accordion to my own specification but for reviving the legend of the accordion with the new SIWA accordions. I hope one of these days I will have the opportunity to meet him in person and to shake his hand ! Mr. Ivan, you are the best accordion maker EVER ! May God be with you everywhere ! I know He is with you when you make the accordions:)!
And I want to thank you, Guenadiy!
Now I have my new SIWA and my search for a good accordions ended .
Sincerely yours,
Gheorghita Borcea, OR

The Super Quattro is one of the best accordions I have ever played.
I have owned and played many fine accordions.
It is better than the Gola and the Petosa AM 1100  that I owned.
Beltuna makes good accordions, but the sound and build quality of the Super Quattro is superior.
The bass is deep and excellent.  The treble has a very rich sound and is very powerful.


Success at last Stradavox was delivered today (Wednesday) @ 11.30am.  I am pleased to report that for all the delays, the instrument arrived in excellent condition, no doubt due to your careful packing.

I removed it from the packaging and removed the Bass packing strips as per your instructions, opened the bellows & drew in some warm air and left it for several hours.

After awhile I played several of my favorite tunes & was delighted with the tonal range & excellent keyboard action, the bass has also got a great selection of tones.  Thank you for your help & attention to detail, it has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Kind Regards

Received delivery this afternoon. The carton had a couple of punctures in it, but thanks to the SUPERB packing you secured it in, nothing was damaged. You OBVIOUSLY have seasoned experience on how to ship accordions via Common Carriers. But even at that, your packaging is absotively the best job I'm seen in an extremely long time.
I followed your unpacking instructions to the detail, and all went quite well.
This is ONE Magnificent accordion. And I believe you were 100% correct in stating that I won't be needing to 'upgrade' after THIS beauty.
The expense of something like this will take abit to payoff,,,, but I'm SO GLAD that I entrusted you to help me "In Getting the Proper Accordion Fit". I'm quite positive now that it is a MOST worthwhile expense, and that I will
remain grateful for the rest of my life.
Your Advice, Guidance, and Services that you offered me, so openly and so freely, are SUCH RARE commodities
these days.
"WOO-HOO !!!",,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am SO VERY Happy.
Guenadiy, I am Proud to know You.
You greatly extend your 'accordion Passion', by offering others Your Compassion as well.
For me, this means nothing less than what You represent for everyone: "Master Of Accordion Renaissance".
Thanx-Amillion Guenadiy......
Art W   :-)

I would like to thank you on superior-first class reed and tuning job on my precious Guerrini President.You did outstanding job and instrument plays better than new becouse you properly tuned it and made adjustments that manufacturers dont do right these days.That means every reed respoonds perfectly and equally,no choking reeds and accordion plays extremely loud with little effort.There is very few people on this planet that I would give my professional Guerrini to do work on.You have proved that you are ONE OF THEM.As somebody that plays accordion every day and professionaly and knows how it should sound I CAN SAY that you serviced my instrument with
a love,unbelivable knowledge and very,very precisely.
Thank you,

E.D., UT

Thanks so much for your hospitality and the wonderful tuning. Also for allowing me to play so many of your great instruments. I really did have a good time meeting you and your family, and other than the driving rain on the homeward trip, it was more than worth the drive!


It is a privilege to have your acquaintance. Your knowledge of these fabulous instruments is encyclopedic,
and you do not mind sharing it with your friends and customers. I truly appreciate your honesty.

Sounds like a lot of work, thank you for taking that on for my friend and colleague. Just want to reiterate that I am loving the Lo Duca. I have not had a non-chamber accordion in 40 years, and am enjoying the immediacy of the sound. It's good to have a light, lovely accordion to practice on, even for concerts ..., because it responds to immediately and is easier on my body, no small consideration as one grows older. So, just to confirm, I definitely plan to keep this, no question  about it. In conclusion:  I love it!
Thanks. GK

Dear Guenadiy,
A big heart-felt thank  YOU from Alan and me for your time, your expertise, your generosity and hospitality. Your wonderful musicianship, technical knowledge and enthusiasm for all things accordion are infectious and inspiring. Until we meet again, I hope you will continue to find many wonderful accordions to refurbish and bring back to life, and that you and your family will
be blessed with good health and good times.
All best,

Hi Guenadiy,
    Yes, the Lindo arrived safely.!  You had packed it extremely well and it had not One dent, scratch or rip on
the packing box. The accordion itself was so well packed that it appeared that it enjoyed it's trip out here.!
    I unpacked it per your instructions and it Plays  Magnificently !!! The size is just about perfect for me and it
seems easy to move the bellows. I have signed up with an accordion instructor from the University out here in hopes to get all the "rust" off of me.  It has been a long time since I have played the squeezebox and I am
anxious to get going again.  I do believe that this particular instrument is much better than the one I originally
had. BTW... the insides of this machine look pretty near new !!! I have not tried the pick-ups yet.  However,
I do not expect any trouble from them.  The accordion looks as if it has been Well taken care of.
    Thank you so very much for such a lovely addition to my music.  I will take good care of it and keep in mind... Arizona is very dry ( good for all instruments ).

Thanks again for taking your time to repair my Polytonette accordion.  You are a true assett to
the world of accordion players. It makes me feel secure to know that there is someone that will
carry the torch ...

I must say that you really impressed me with all your tools and your knowledge of accordion repair.
You did a wonderful, professional job on my accordion, It sounds like new again.

Keep in touch and best of health and good fortune in the year ahead.
Your good friend,


I spoke with Mary this afternoon as she has now had the accordion for almost a week.
She told me the more she plays it the more she loves its beautiful tone.  One of the women in
our accordion club just purchased a new Excelsior and the tone and sound quality does not
compare to the Magnante.

Thank you so much again for this wonderful accordion.

Regards,  Diane

Yes, the accordion arrived in perfect condition on Monday and we immediately took it over to Mary's.
Mary and I both played it and it does have a wonderful sound and a very fast response.
She has told me that she loves it.

It has been a pleasure working with you to obtain this accordion for Mary.  Thank you very much. 

Regards,  Diane

I am enjoying getting back to playing again and thank you very much for bringing the Titano
to the Festival.  This week I will be able to spend hours getting acquainted with it.
Thanks again. I am glad we have met.

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the Borsini Superstar I bought from you.
The more I play it the better it sounds. I have had many comments about it from the accordion fraternity
in England when at the Eastbourne Festival in February.

Many thanks for making life a real pleasure.
Best Wishes and greetings from England

Accordion arrived this afternoon in fine shape, no dings in box, fine shape inside.
You did a fine job packing the accordion for shipping. Thanks for the nice straps,
and they are adjusted perfectly for me. Played about two hours on the Dallape today
already, and really like it, the bass side is excellent.  Excellent balance, treble keyboard
action is excellent, like you said.  Especially like the way my fingers fall right into place
on the bass and treble.  Now my stable is complete.....Dallape Maestro (LMMH),
PanJet45(LMMM), Beltuna Euro III (LMM).
Vsyevo Dobrogo, Frankovich

I just wanted to thank you again for the Melodiosa I bought from you almost a year ago.
I still like it alot. As you said, my accordion teacher has commented many times on how
nice it is. I have started book #4 in a 10 book series and really love it.


I got the Bell in perfect condition. It is very nice. It plays fine with an interesting tone.
I need to play it and see what it can do. Thanks a lot. Rich

Yes, it is a very special Accordion. I really like the LLM shift. To bad there is not a
LL shift. The condition is very nice.

Late at night I had the opportunity to unwrap the Polytonette and try it (or her). The instrument
sounds really fantastic and much better than I expected. I am absolutely satisfied about the brilliant,
clear and warm sound, and the instrument is in very good shape. Man, if you have more of those
things to sell, I will have to work a little bit more.
Thank you very much for the perfect "deal", information, package etc.was very good.

Regards and so long
Christian [Germany]

I couldn´t resist to play with the Politonette for another 2 days and how longer I played I was more
inspired. It is a overwhelming instrument in astonishing condition and not only me but also my wife and the
two children - both are learning accordion - like the sound. Especially I am amazed not only by the sound
character but by the dynamic range modern accordions don´t have. I really got wet hands playing it.

I arrived home last night around 22:00, and I was playing "new accordion"almost all night.
I went sleeping around 4am. Today I was playing again, and I phoned my friend at Belgrade and he told
me that this Melodiana was built by Giullietti. I am very satisfaid with this accordion. Thank you one more time.
Regards, Milan!!!

I received the accordion and the packaging job was superb.  I have been playing it for the last 3 hours.
It sounds better than it did at your house.  Like you said 100% Dallape.  The straps are wonderful and
thanks for putting a new bellow belt on the top also.



Hey Guenadiy, the accordion sounded like a monster on the microphone.  Beautiful, I love it.  V.

I want to say again "Thank You"  for all the help. I really appreciate your knowledge and willingness
to help me get playing. I was up until 1:30 eastern time playing last night already and can't wait to get
playing again. Once again, thank you and I will be playing every day now.

At last I have the accordion [Borsini super Star]. It is a lovely sound and I am sure will make my
playing sound better. My wife will be pleased as I practice at least 1 hour every night some times 2 1/2 hours.

I keep a watch on your ebay site to what other instruments you are selling with great interest and also
your web site. Thanks for the professional way you have carried out this transaction and I am sure
I will have many years playing this fine accordion.

Greetings from England

     My accordion arrived safely today. You really know how to pack them. I have never seen
the technique with the handle showing before, but it is a brilliant idea.
     The Philharmonic is an amazing accordion. I am impressed by the huge low end it has, especially
on the bass button side. The low reeds on the treble side are full and rich and well tuned.
     The accordion has been well taken care of and is in great shape, just as you advertised. The new
straps are wonderful on my old shoulders. It really doesn't seem as heavy as it actually weighs.
     Most importantly, I am very grateful for your concern and honesty. Your service is rare on Ebay.
I wish I could have said more on the feedback page, but I did leave a positive statement.
Many, many thanks. I will keep your e-mail address and get back to you in the future.
     Best Regards,

Just received Titano and am very happy with it [Titano Virtuoso]! It feels so much
like my 1949, 4-rocker Excelsior that I have owned since 1957. About the same size and
weight and it's prettier. Just played it for a few minutes and I already feel at home with it.
Thanks for the great packing, no trouble taking out the bass shims.

Thanks again,
B.H., TX

I unpacked the new Super VI [1955 model] an hour ago, wiped it carefully, started to
play. Awesome. It took only a few chords to make me a permanent convert.
Only a few people like yourself can understand the overwleming feeling of
controlled power and silky mechanism that only a few accordions in the
world are capable of. And at only 24 lb! The sound is incredible....

I consider myself very fortunate to have met someone like yourself, who can teach
with infectious enthusiasm the lore of the real accordions.

Thank you, my friend. I will stay in touch;

HI Guenadiy - Don't want tobother you with my emails but I just can't get over how great my
accordion is - its wonderful for French mussette - but surprise - it works wonders with the
Irish reels and jigs plus Scottish songs.
I give you my highest recommendation and thanks again.  
With appreciations, Freda

I'm in love! La Sonola was finally released from quarantine and customs
a few hours ago, safe and sound, and I've only just put her down to tell
you how rapt I am.
As Big Bill Broonzy used to say - "Thankyou and thankyou and thankyou
Ken (Australia)

I love it (La Melodiosa accordion). It fits me perfectly.
The sound is great and it will provide me years of pleasure. ...
Thank you so much.

The accordion arrived today in excellent condition. It's just as you described and it sounds beautiful!
I really appreciate the effort you made package and protect it during shipment. Thanks again.

Warmest regards,

Your passion for the accordion has truly inspired me.  In about 12 years I think I'll be ready to
upgrade, but seriously, you are an amazing player.  You truly love your instrument. You've given
me something to aspire to.
Lastly, the accordion has far exceeded my expectations.  True to your word, it's melody is beautiful,
and it is tuned to perfection.
Thank you again for helping me further my interest and love for the accordon.  Please keep in touch.
I'd like to play sometime again with you, after I've mastered this beauty.

Hi Guenadliy, I got it a few days ago, in perfect condition. Your description was more than fair.
It is an exceptional accordion. the sound is so clear, sweet and at the same time strong and powerful.
I have many accordions, such as, Sonola SS4, 6, 15 and 3 Excelsior SG Grand and 961, 940, 911,
and many more fine top of the line boxs. As you can appreciate, these are very fine instruments and
that is why I can tell the exception quality of this Devinci.
I have watched your sales for a long time and when you described this accordion I knew you were being
truthful about what you felt about this accordion.  Thanks Rich

The Monarch accordion arrived safely yesterday. It is a fine instrument and I am very pleased with it.
I especially like the grille mute set up; it is similar in construction to my Philmarmonic and equally as
effective. I will enjoy playing my new "Christmas present" very much.
You are a knowledgeable and trustworthy person and I will continue to visit your webcite from time
to time to look at your beautiful instruments.
My very best regards,


Hi G!  UPS delivered the Brandoni today...  Thanks
for packing it so carefully!  It sounds great.  I'm quite pleased with


Hello Guenadiy,just to let you know the Sonola AA3 arrived this morning,
no damage to the carton and very well packaged, my wife played it for 1 1/2 hours
tonight and is very pleased with it, its much lighter than the R460 so it will have a
good home for a very long time. (we like our Sonola's) thank for a well informed
Kindest regards RP (UK).

I just tried the Supermaestro...  I've found the right accordion! The sound is absolutely fantastic
(and powerful!), accordion is in great shape and... I didn't know that a double chambered accordion
can be so light!
You understood exactly what I was searching for. Now I'm happy and I just can't wait on my
friends so we can play toghether soon. Now I go practicing some more hours... I just can't quit playing!
Thank you once more!
I played several hours but I'm not yet feeling the accordion's weight... It fits like a pullover
and you were right when you sad that I'll dance with it! The sound is so penetrating as it seems
to break down the walls :-) and the dynamic response is beautiful. Another incredible thing is
that on all accordions I played (this is the fifth I have/had), I used always only a few registers
on the treble side... here I can't find my favourite, because all are fantastic and each one has
his clearly distinguishable "character". I find the piccolo reeds extremely ringing, giving an overall
sharpness to the sound. The keyboard is so fast and responsive, that in short and fast cromatic
scales the sound becomes quite "liquid", what is making me crazy :-) I suppose that these
features are that kind of magic, which make the difference between an accordion from the
golden age and one built in last years. So, I'm happy that I'm found the first (and I hope not the last)
accordion, I will play it all life.

D. C. (Italy)

The reeds arrived and I've re-installed them in the Pan.  All I can say is wow!  You really nailed it.
The accordion sounds fantastic!
Thank you so much for all of your help!

I like it a lot.  I think it has some of the best sounds I've heard but
then I haven't played very many different models as you have.

thank again and great doing business with you.


I played it (DaVinic MM10) for almost 6 hours last night and I do love the rich sound of it and
the size is sooo perfect for me. Tomorrow night it will debut at the accordion club!!  I'm still not
sure about the knobs etc. Don't really know for sure too much about what I'm doing with that
but playing it is a delight!!


     I receive tody the HONNER 300FS. As I'm beginner, I can't
appreciate it specielly,but it looks like good condition and
    This accordion shall be my good friend in my retired life.
Thank you for your kind treatment.

I. H. (Japan)

I play the ultimate accordion  for 3 hours today, just like to welcome it. It is so strange
about that I am so familiar to the Super VI  and I can easily add my passion to  my playing.
I also like the response of keyboard and the clearance of reeds. Today is my wife's birthday
and we both have  a great time  with the accordion . Thanks to let me have the chance  to
own it  .

L. (Taiwan)

     Hello again just writing to let you know that the Sonola AA3 has found its real home.
     The shipping box made it very good not a tear or anything I could see and the packing
job seemed to be excellent.
    I tried t out and it sounds really great . I said my first song withit would  be Amazing Grace
and it played very nicely.  I like the lightness of it and hope to enjoy playing it for many years.
    Want to thank you for all the follow up and helpful notes you included thoughout this purchase.

                                   Thanks   ........   Ken

I received the accordion today. It plays and sounds very good. This
accordion is a good addition to my instrument family. The accordion is

D. K.

The Da Vinci arrived this afternoon. ... The accordion seems to have made the long
trip in great shape.  But then it should have the way you packed it.  Very nice job. 
I have been playing for the past hour.  What a great sound it has.  It is truly a pleasure
to play and enjoy.  Haven't tried the accordion with an amp yet.  The natural sound is
so good, it seems a shame to run it through an amp.
Guenadiy, thanks again for all of your help.  Lets keep in touch.

I am having a great time with the Solton I bought from you.
The arranger is a lot of fun - I finally figured out most of it - I hook it into my computer and
can record anything I play - I even made up a tape of songs for my parents that they love.
I recently played at a retirement home and they loved it - especially with the Solton - all the
backing drums and such. Winter is finally starting to leave us here - just wanted to stay in
touch with you and say hi.

Best Wishes P. B.

The accordion is great (DaVinci Special). It is the same exact model I learned on as a kid.
It has brough back a lot of memories although the fingers aren't exactly cooperating yet.

S. W.

    My brother ... just came to town a few days ago, and received it on Saturday night.
He is very pleased with his little petosa. He is playing once again, and is happy to be re-united
with his old friend, the accordion. Thanks again, and happy new year to you and yours.

J. R.

I got the accordion today  WOW its great - what a blast - I've been playing
for 4  hrs and just put it down.

The mussette in this is unreal what a great sounding accordion -
THANX Guenadiy - I will keep in touch P. B.

I recieved the accordion last wednesday. It arrived in great condition and had no visible
signs of damage. I just love it. I played it for 45 minutes that night for my 2and a half year
old son. He was bouncing around and having a good time.

Thanks again. I will try to send you a recording of some of the songs I will be using this for .
I really love it.  
    peace.   Jeff

I received the accordion as scheduled on Wednesday afternoon and it
arrived with no problems.

You kept this instrument in excellent care and I can assure you that it couldn't
have found a better home.  I am very impressed with the sound and fast
action of the keys.

I also appreciate your honestly and being up front with everything
that transpired during this sale. ... Trust me you have been and are a real
gentleman and a pleasure to deal with!  Everything you mentioned in your
earlier emails about the Titano was absolutely true.....

Regards and Thanks again,


The accordion arrived in excellent condition & I am very happy with it.
Thanks again.


     Just to let you know,the accordion arrived today and in good shape. You did an
excellent job of packing. I just finished about 2 hours of practice with it and its tone
is exactly what I was looking for. thank you again for your honesty. I am a very trusting
person and you helped keep my faith in people. The accordion is in as good of shape
as you described, I am very pleased.

    Hoping to hear from you again. B. P.

The Monarch arrived right on schedule yesterday. I got home late from work and
didn't get a chance to open her up until tonight.

Wow, what a beauty! She arrived in great shape, and looks better than
the pictures. Great packing job!

The sound is truly amazing. Bright, crisp treble and beautiful, deep,
mellow bass. I love how the tone modulator changes the timbre of the
treble register. Hard to believe all this sound is coming from one

Many thanks for all of your information and help prior to my purchase.
I look forward to many years of good tunes with this beautiful instrument.


     The accordion arrived today in perfect shape, no dings in the
carton either.  I am really pleased with the sound, so full, strong, and
mellow.  Really like the way it feels on, very well balanced.  The
fingering is smooth as silk, I'm a better player already!  The sound is just
what I wanted!

     You did a fine job on the packaging, especially liked the
cardboard inserts stuffed w/peanuts to protect the sides of the accordion. 
Well done!

Do sleduyushchego razgovora,   F.

The accordian arrived yesterday afternoon. Everything came through great.
You packaged it very well, and the accordian certainly looks every bit as good
as your description.  Thank you for such good, prompt service.

Sincerely, Rich

It was delivered at my office this morning.  It arrived in excellent shape. I only had
a chance to play it for a couple minutes, just enough to make certain it survived the
journey in good shape.  All I can say at this point is OH MY GOD IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!
I love that deep tone with just the tiniest touch of wet.  The keyboard action is like silk.
I'm going to enjoy it so much!

Thanks again for all your help.  It is very much appreciated.


I wrote to you from work, but just in case I got the address wrong, it came today.
It's in great condition.  It's unbelievable!  The tone quality is so totally great!  I had it
at church briefly tonight (didn't want to leave it outside in the truck during practice
because believe it or not it does get cold in Central Texas) and some of my fellow
choir members did a Christmas carol sing along.  They were all really enthusiastic about it.

We can both breathe a lot easier now.  

Thanks again for all your extra effort.  It is greatly appreciated.


How are you doing. I love that thing (Dallape Organtone II) that you sold me.
I just can not seem to put it down. Well time for me to go and play some more.
I just wanted to say hi and tell you that I am very happy with the accordion.
Hope to see you all soon.

I received the accordion yesterday.  Thanks!  It is a great instrument and is everything I expected.


I found two switches along with the mute that produce a sound that I've always loved in
the accordion.  Smooth, rich, mellow--Pure ambrosia--I feel like a kid in a candy store.
That sound alone is worth to me far more than I paid  :)))  plus that keyboard in marvelous


Just to let you know that we opened the box yesterday and Helmi personally tested out
the convertor Titano from you and was very pleased and sends her best regards and thanks!


Accordian arrived today excellent example probably the best I have seen. (Paolo Soprani, sent to Italy.)


I enjoyed your demonstration, and really look forward to honing my skills with this beauty!
I have to say that your sincerity, positive personality and willingness to answer my questions
went a long way in my decision in which accordion to buy.


I opened up your package last night, and my wife and I were amazed at what a beautiful
instrument it is, it looked even better than the pictures, and that is saying something!  It plays
wonderfully (although I made the comment to my wife that the accordion probably will be a
little sorry that it won't get played as well as your demo for quite some time.)
Thank you soooooooo much for your correspondence, your expertise (such as the message below,)
your very careful packaging, and a very enjoyable total experience.


I recieved the accordian today. GREAT packing job ,any way it is great I just finished
playing for the office staff. I am very happy with it. Thanks


I really love the NOBLE. So far, I have just played a lot of my old ballads, to concentrate
on the weight and get used to the switches.  It is a wonderful instrument and I am so glad that
I decided to buy it.


This note is just to let you know the accordian arrived safely.  I am very pleased with it,
though I have had no time to play it much. You did a fine job packing and shipping it.
Many thanks! Remember you now have a friend in Texas.
Thanks again,
G. B.

Few weeks later: "Been intending to write and let you know just very happy I am with
the accordian. It pleases me very much."

I received the accordion earlier this week. I am enjoying playing it. Thank you.
H. J.

I recieved the accordion yesterday, great packing job It plays very great, its a different tone
than the morbidoni. I like it.


The accordion arrived today in perfect shape, no dings in the
carton either.  I am really pleased with the sound, so full, strong, and
mellow.  Really like the way it feels on, very well balanced.  The
fingering is smooth as silk, I'm a better player already!  The sound is just
what I wanted!

     You did a fine job on the packaging, especially liked the
cardboard inserts stuffed w/peanuts to protect the sides of the accordion. 
Well done!


The accordion arrived Friday in great shape. We think it looks and sounds beautiful.
Thank you very much for taking such care in packing it and for being so thoughtful to
send it 2nd day air so that it would arrive in time for Easter. We particularly appreciate
the wonderful new adjustable straps!

Best Regards,
R. N.

The accordion arrived on the expected day and was in perfect shape. You did a great
job packing it.   It is a lovely instrument, and I think I will really come to like it as I have
a chance to play it.  Thanks again for your efforts.  Happy accordions!

B. R.