GUERRINI (Piermaria Model 502D) Cassotto Accordion

Dear Accordion Friends,

Here is an interesting reborn accordion. It was built in Italy by SEM (possibly for Iorio) and was their top of the line 502D double tone chamber model with fantastic hand-made reeds and genuine leather valves. The instrument had MIDI and the grill was covered by the tabs found in the H-series MIDI models. A friend of mine who knows the quality of the acoustic accordion and didn't care for the MIDI sent the instrument to an accordion factory and requested the electronics removed and new grill and switches to be made. He happens to love Guerrini, therefore the design. The treble switches were properly selected to match the Guerrini President reed combinations. While this is not a Guerrini accordion it sure looks beautiful with the new "face" and has the perfect tonal character and tuning to match its new name. I have voiced and tuned this accordion and can promise you a fabulous response, tonal depth and richness to impress. The accordion has been professionally buffed and looks new. There are several new key tops that look a little whiter than the rest, a very subtle difference that is not easy to spot. I have taken some pictures without flash to show the keyboard. The action is excellent. The compression is like on a new instrument.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions. I am certain you will love this accordion. An expert voicing and tuning is absolutely important in order to reveal the full potential of the instrument. You will enjoy the feel of a new accordion (clean, absolutely air-tight, great action) combined with the tonal richness of well played and tuned hand-made reeds in a resonant beautifully aged mahogany body. The brass tone chamber cover adds that "bite" the Guerrini fans love.

The next series of photographs show the interior of the accordion. You can see the high quality materials and craftsmanship.
Some classic features typical for top of the line instruments are the well varnished mahogany body, oversized tone chamber,
hand made reeds with genuine leather valves, internal bellows gaskets...
The accordion interior is pristine.

Excellent hand-made reeds, beautifully finished reed blocks

The reeds have been waxed and nailed in place - this is the time proven method of the old masters.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions.

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