GUERRINI Polka King Custom Built Professional Accordion
with MIDI and internal microphones

Sound demo:!AsErJouBehnuhnCjCntQJVogkKnM?e=gb4BKp

This is a rare Guerrini Polka King model, inspired by the famous Italo-American 5-Star model. The instrument features LMMM reed configuration and was designed for Cleveland style polka players. The 3 sets of middle reeds are tuned almost dry for the "punch" and dynamic range required for this style. (Listen to Alex Meixner's videos playing his Siwa & Figli Super Quattro compact accordion to experience this type of sound and see what such an accordion can do in the hands or a professional musician.) With this reed configuration one doesn't need many switches because they would be redundant. Instead, these instruments are specialized to provide the actual reed combinations that are used by the performer, namely bassoon, clarinet, musette, and master. This allows for an ergonomically optimized light weight instrument. The low-A bass reed configuration provides a nice tonal depth and fast response, so desired by the polka players.

The acoustic accordion is complemented by good internal amplification and a modern MIDI (installed in 2020). The amplification is independent of the MIDI electronics. This way you can enjoy this instrument as an acoustic accordion without any electronics, amplified accordion, or a fully orchestrated MIDI accordion. You can be your own polka band. Just add a MIDI module and connect to an amplifier/speaker. By the way, with this type of tuning the accordion can be good for many other music styles (for example swing musette or Balkan). The MIDI opens many possibilities to add not only other orchestral sounds but other accordion sounds (like tone chambered sounds or French musette) using a MIDI module.

Here is a link to a shared folder with sound samples. Please, use headphones to fully appreciate the tonal quality of the accordion. Listen to the "guerrini-polka-king-midi-demo" file first. Then if you have time and want to hear more music played on this instrument listen to the other two files.!AsErJouBehnuhnCjCntQJVogkKnM?e=gb4BKp

With this accordion I can offer you an optional MIDI module (Sonton MS40, Ketron XD2, or Roland BK-7m). The instrument will work with any MIDI module/arranger or other equipment with MIDI input, for example a keyboard or computer with the appropriate sound card.

This is a very well made professional accordion. This instrument combines excellent acoustic tonal quality with built-in amplification and MIDI electronics and is suitable for any type of repertoire. Call 973-770-6877 for a demo or to schedule an appointment for an exciting visit to the Accordion Gallery.

The MIDI was installed in 2020. All cables are included (see picture below). There is a small power supply that connects to a standard 110V outlet. The orange labeled MIDI cable connects to the accordion and the red-labeled MIDI cable connects to a MIDI module (Solton, Ketron, Roland, Yamaha, Orla etc.) The amplification is independent of the MIDI. A proper cable is included (connects the threaded pick-up on the accordion to an amplifier/speaker. An accessories bag is included. You can travel light with this instrument and a MIDI module.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions.
See you at the Accordion Gallery.

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