Guerrini Superior 2 President ORO Model
One of the BEST Acoustic Accordions

Dear Accordion Friends,

There are many nice instruments that can keep us satisfied and inspired. However, once you come across an exceptional quality accordion you know it from the first chord you play! We all deserve to find our ultimate accordion, the accordion we will never part with. Fortunately, we have different preferences and this makes the accordion world as exciting and colorful it is. I have found MY sacred accordion and I know how great it feels to be able to hear that dream sound each time you play. I am sure someone will soon feel the same way about the accordion I am presenting to you now.

The President remained Guerrini's top of the line model. The instrument I am presenting here will make any accordionist proud. The visual appeal and spectacular tonal power are enhanced by flawless mechanics and excellent compression. The accordion was serviced at the Accordion Gallery in November 2019.

Guerrini President models are difficult to find. Professional musicians in Europe love them for their reliable performance, durability, and tonal quality and power. This particular instrument looks fabulous with clean and shiny body, excellent mechanics, and a sound to remember. It is offered with a full year warranty serviced at the Accordion Gallery in Landing, NJ.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions or to schedule a visit to the Accordion Gallery.

The keyboard was serviced in November of 2019. You will love the action.

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