Hohner Gola 414 Accordion
with Limex MIDI and Microphones

Dear Accordion Friends,

Thank you for your support throughout the years. Trusting me with the service of your accordion(s) or buying a new or serviced instrument from me allows me to do what I love. I have a passion for accordion music and for restoring as many of these fascinating instruments as I can. Thank you for allowing me to share this passion with you. I consider all of you fellow musicians fist and then customers. With many of you we've become friends over many years of collaboration. I truly appreciate your nice letters and feedback. I am looking forward to continuing my work with you and to meeting more accordionists.

There are many nice instruments that can keep us satisfied and inspired. However, once you come across an exceptional quality accordion you know it from the first chord you play! We all deserve to find our ultimate accordion, the accordion we will never part with. Fortunately, we have different preferences and this makes the accordion world as exciting and colorful it is. I have found MY sacred accordion and I know how great it feels to be able to hear that dream sound each time you play. I am sure someone will soon feel the same way about the accordion I am presenting to you now.

The Hohner Gola has earned the respect of many who have been fortunate to play one. Each of these rare instruments have been custom crafted to the specifications of the buyer. The company makes less than a dozen a year. The Gola remains the most expensive accordion and is believed by many to be the best. It combines the ultimate precision in mechanics with the most responsive reeds producing a magnificent tonal blend of treble and bass sounds. The harmonic richness, the warm clarinet sound, the chest-vibrating bassoon, the clear piccolo, the magic violin - all the reed combinations have their distinct charm! The Gola reeds are among the most responsive I have ever played. The accordion plays without any effort and allows you command of its entire dynamic range.

The original owner claims to have purchased the accordion new in the 1970s. However, based on its design I think it must have been built in the late 1950s. The serial number on the back of the accordion is 55225. The build number on all reed blocks and various parts of the accordion body is 118. The accordion was completely serviced at the Hohner factory in 2013 including all new hardware, rewaxing of the reeds, new reed valves, and buffing. The instrument looks like new but does produce the mature rich tone you would expect from the best Gola. All reed are original and only factory tuned on the inner side of the reed tongues. The reeds are absolutely pristine.

Here i a video demo courtesy of Dallas Vietty, recorded at Libert Bellows in Philadelphia in 2014:

The Limex Pro 4 electronics (Option 2 with micro-controller) was installed in 2015 by John's
Accordion Service in Canada. The owner didn't want the display installed in order to keep the grill intact - see pictures and comments below. There is a very elegant controller mounted on the top side of the grill. Many special functions can be accessed with the Reset switch (located under the air valve) and the treble keys. Manuals for the MIDI and microphones are included. 
The following (optional) MIDI modules/arranges are available for purchase with this accordion
Call me at 973-770-6877 with any accordion related questions. I believe I can help.

The channel in the lower left bass foot (picture above) is made deliberately to accommodate the MIDI cable connector.

The interior of the accordion is amazingly clean and pristine.

The state-of-the-art electromagnetic MIDI sensors don't affect the keyboard action
and providing a reliable maintenance-free performance.
The Limex microphones are among the very best one can choose.

The electronics was installed with as little change as possible to the acoustic accordion. The mini controller for the
Limex Pro 4 was mounted on top of the grill by only drilling a small hole for the ribbon cable (see the photograph above).

The original tone modulator has been removed to allow additional space for positioning the microphones above the key valves.
However, the tone modulator is intact (photograph below) and is provided with the accordion. In case the new owner decides
to remove the microphones or change the location of the condenser capsules the tone modulator can be installed under the grill.

The accordion was professionally serviced at the Hohner factory in 2013. It is absolutely like new but sounds better since
the aged accordion body has matured even more during the last several decades after the instrument was originally made
 The original reeds have been only factory tuned on the inner side of the reed tongues and are absolutely pristine.

The original Hohner case is clean and solid.

Whether you are a collector or active musician this accordion will earn a special place in your life.

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