LIDOVOX Model 1500 Professional Accordion

Dear Accordion Friends,

In 1996 I purchased my first professional tone chamber accordion after a year of research. The instrument I selected was a Lidovox Model 1500, exactly as the accordion I am presenting now. My first Lidovox had all the on-board electronics and was heavier than 30 lb. This didn't bother me back then. I loved the tone of the accordion and played it for 10 years, even after acquiring many other professional instruments. There was something special about the Lidovox that I could not explain in 1996 but understand now. 

The accordion I am describing here feels much friendlier than my first Lidovox since all the organ-type electronics components have been removed. The microphones are still present and work fine. The accordion weighs about 27 lb and the tone is projected even better without the printed circuit boards that used to be under the grill. In twenty years of playing and restoring accordions I have learned a lot about the design and special features of the accordion. Now I know what makes the Lidovox so special. The accordion was built by Guerrini in 1968. Guerrini was one of the leading manufactures in the 1960-80's time period. The Lidovox has the body structure of the Guerrini Superior 2 model. Solid maple has been used for the body and the reed blocks. The hand-made Binci reeds sing in this resonant environment.

The pictures below will tell the story of this instrument and reveal its quality of craftsmanship. Here is a summary of the features.

This is a very versatile instrument in excellent condition. You can play different music styles and the accordion will respond accordingly. This Lidovox is clean, well balanced, and with memorable tonal character. with it you can enjoy the quality of a $10000 accordion for less than half the price.

Call me with questions or to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery. It is a rare opportunity to have the option for a custom tuning. I want to make sure the accordion will be loved and played and will accommodate your tuning preferences - concert tuning, swing (mild tremolo around 10 cents, the current tuning), or musette.

Let's take a look inside this beautiful accordion ...

The hand-made Binci reeds, genuine leather valves, and wax are in excellent condition.

With my Lidovox and friends 20 years ago at the International Folk Heritage Festival in Philadelphia... 


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