Lira Artist Model Accordion

I have had the pleasure to service yet another spectacular accordion. The attention to detail in the woodwork is as good as I have even seen. I have worked on a few dozen Lira accordions. This particular instrument is the only one with a double tone chamber and special-design reed blocks. I believe it was custom ordered. Similar to other Lira accordions, all reed plates are stamped with the brand name. The reeds are hand-made and of very high quality.  

Here is a link to a Dropbox folder where you can hear sound samples the actual accordion for sale. Please, use headphones to fully appreciate the tonal quality and character of the instrument:

The accordion has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery and is offered with a full year warranty.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions or to schedule a visit to the Accordion Gallery.

Let's take a look inside this beautiful accordion. The interior is clean and nicely varnished.
The body and reed blocks are made from solid aged wood.

The craftsmen carved the interior as if it would be on display, using different woods
to create a beautiful aesthetic pattern.

All treble and bass reed plates are stamped "Lira".

The woodwork inside is impressive.

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