Professional MODERN (Borsini) Accordion

This full size professional accordion was custom built by Borsini for Tonny Dannon and Joe Serrito at a time the accordion was very popular and accordion schools had hundreds of students, a glorious "accordion time", indeed. Luckily for us, some of these spectacular instruments are being passed on infused with history and inspiration. This is the top of the line model with hand-made reeds, designed for jazz performers with light touch walnut keyboard, solid mahogany body, hand-made reeds, and a patented tone modulator for a deep, mellow tone. (The 44-key model is also available at the Accordion Gallery.)

The accordion has been loved and maintained in great condition over the years.

Below are several links featuring Tonny Dannon and the MODERN accordion. Enjoy. - Tony Dannon/Album Accordion To Dannon Track.2 Medium Rare - Tony Dannon: Cute, 1997 - Tony26  Dannon And Joe Cerrito Album Jem Session Track.8 All The Things You Are - Tony Dannon: Honeysuckle Rose, 1997 (with Joe Serrito) - Frank Marocco in Detroit (1995) with Tony Dannon's accordion

This accordion features a high-quality wooden tone modulator with excellent efficiency. The switches are mounted over the tone modulator without compromising its integrity. When you close the tone modulator you would bet this accordion has a tone chamber. The aged mahogany body and the excellent hand-made reeds reward the performer and the audience with instant response and deep rich tone.

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Let's take a look inside the instrument and appreciate the quality of materials and expert craftsmanship.

Interior is clean and like new. The reed blocks are also supported in the middle to distribute pressure more
uniformly and to prevent warping. The reeds have never been touched by power tools.

Excellent hand-made BINCI PROFESSIONAL reeds...

The bass side...

Some of the best reeds you can find...

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