Professional MORESCHI Double Tone Chamber Accordion

This top oft he line Moreschi accordion was built to last and to impress its performers and their audience. The body and the tone chamber are crafted from solid aged mahogany. The key tops were made of Lucite and will never crack or discolor. The mechanics throughout is smooth. The tone is rich and robust from the low bassoon to the clear bright piccolo. The accordion fits very nice with its ergonomic design. The deep bellows folds and well voiced reeds reward you with great efficiency. You have access to all 15 possible treble sounds. This instrument has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery and will deliver the performance of a similar new instrument in the $7000+ price range.

This accordion has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery and is offered with a full year warranty. There are some body scratches and imperfections but overall they do not distract from the beautiful classic appearance. The chrome plating throughout is clean and shiny. If you would like to play with amplification I would recommend modern condenser microphones. Call with any questions or for a phone demo - 973-770-6877.

The keyboard is a delight to play. The Lucite key tops have a nice smooth feel an ill never crack or discolor.

New shoulder straps, good bass strap and mellows protector.

The interior is clean and shows the quality of woods and manufacturing.

Mahogany body and tone chamber, genuine leather reed valves...

Let's look at the bass reeds...

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