Ottavianelli Artist Special MIDI Amplified Accordion

This is the top of the line Ottavianelli accordion, fully loaded with features like hand made reeds, tone chamber, Sennheiser microphones, and MIDI. This instrument will offer you a variety of sounds with 4 sets of treble reeds and 5 sets of bass reeds. The reed configuration is LMMM. You have LM with concert tuning and 2 additional sets of clarinet reeds (M2 and M3) with musette tuning allowing for concert (dry) sounds like bassoon, clarinet, bandoneon, as well as beautiful musette sounds when adding M2 and M3. The instrument was custom ordered with gold plated metal parts and rhinestone decoration.

Sennheiser microphones with separate treble and bass volume control and the full-featured MIDI with electromagnetic sensors complement the acoustic accordion. 

Here is a summary of the features:
Here is a link to a Dropbox folder where you can hear sound samples the actual accordion for sale. Please, use headphones to fully appreciate the tonal quality and character of the instrument:

The accordion is like new and is offered with one year warranty.

You will love the contrast between the chambered bassoon/clarinet/bandonion sounds and the vibrant musette.  The MIDI will open a whole new world for orchestration and musical expression. Call me at 973-770-6877 to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery and try this beautiful instrument.

There is a rhinestone engraved at the end of each key. No expense was spared when this instrument was ordered.

The state-of-the-art electromagnetic MIDI sensors don't affect the keyboard action
and providing a reliable maintenance-free performance.

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