PETOSA P1000 ESM Accordion with S-2000 MIDI

Dear Accordion Friends,

It is a pleasure to offer a professional Petosa P1000 ESM Double Tone Chamber accordion with one of the most successful S-2000 MIDI controllers, fully programmed and ready to be used. This instrument has been a dream for a generation of American musicians. It features the famous Petosa mahogany chamber and solid walnut keyboard. The mechanics is indestructible. The tone is rich and powerful. With one set of bassoon reeds and three sets of clarinet reeds the instrument features both concert and musette sounds. The 10 (!) bass switches would allow you to find the perfect balance between treble and bass for any selected reed combination. In addition to the excellent acoustic features, the accordion has factory-installed microphones and a full MIDI installation with very friendly grill controller. You can play this accordion as a fine acoustic instrument, as amplified accordion, as a MIDI instrument sounding like a full orchestra, or in any combination.

Here is a link with a video demo from Petosa. The tuning of the instrument fro sale matches the tuning from the video This is a demo of the acoustic accordion.

Here is a taste of what is possible using the MIDI. Videos courtesy of Petosa Accordions:

Chuck Berger - Solitaire
Chuck Berger - String of Pearls

This instrument is in excellent condition, both acoustically and cosmetically. The tone is clear, yet rich and strong with lots of power, deep bassoon and clarinet, and a variety of musette sounds. You will enjoy the acoustic balance between treble and bass. The compression in excellent. With the custom tuning you can play a huge variety of music and always enjoy an authentic sound. The orchestral capabilities of the MIDI will open a whole new universe for musical expression.

Petosa accordions have always been among the best crafted in the industry. I hope you enjoy the pictures below and would be glad to hear from you if you've already experienced the charm of this accordion or would like to know more about it.

You can select to receive the accordion with all-black new Italian shoulder straps.

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