Philharmonic Professional Cassotto Accordion

This full size professional accordion is identical to the BELL Symphony model made in the 1970's.The resonant accordion body, in combination with the best reeds and reed blocks results in a powerful rich sound. The reed configuration is LMMH with concert tuning. The accordion has been played and maintained in great condition over the years. It has been serviced at the Accordion gallery (our expert reeds voicing and tuning) and is ready for a recording session.

This is one of the best accordions you can own without paying thousands of dollars for a popular brand name. It is of the same quality as the Guerrini President, Sonola SS20, Bell Symphony, Petosa AM-1100 etc. You will appreciate its tremendous power and impressive tonal color. This accordion will be a family treasure for the true accordion lover.

There are scratches at the front treble side above the PHILHARMONIC name, most likely from leaning against a music stand.

In the picture below I tried to select the light and angle to show the worst possible view.

Some key tops have very light hairline surface marks typical for the 1970's accordions. The key tops feel smooth to the touch.

This is a cosmetic issue and is barely visible even from a very close distance.

Fantastic hand-made reeds, solid mahogany body, internal bellows gaskets - very desirable features for a top of the line professional accordion.

Single piece, solid mahogany tone chamber

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