Roland FR-7X Black Digital Accordion

We have to give credit to Roland for designing a really cool product. The digital accordion has opened many possibilities for musical expression. The 7X remains Roland's most ergonomic and overall most used digital accordion. After the 7X Roland released an 8X (the latest) model which is larger, heavier, and has less powerful speakers. Here is a link to Roland's official web site with an overview of the instrument, technology details, and specifications summary:

Many video demonstrations and performances are available on YouTube and Google. I've given some links below. Enjoy them and please, don't forget to return to this page to see some pictures of the actual accordion for sale :-). Call me with any questions or to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery in Flemington, NJ.

John Lettieri plays Medley on Roland V-Accordion FR-7X

A Musical Sampling of the Roland FR-7x V-Accordion, by Richard Noel

The manual can be downloaded from Roland's web site. However, to save you the search, here is a link: Owner's Manual in PDF format

The instrument looks brand new. I kept it with the idea to use it occasionally - never happened.

The shoulder straps have protective covers for the buckles.

The picture below shows the USB memory stick slot. You can record your performance or play over recorded tracks.

The air valve button serves also as a diaphragm that controls the bellows air flow and feel.

Included are the original (new) Roland protective cloth and gig-bag.

I used a very nice accessories bag originally made by Scandalli/Farfisa for their latest 1990s MIDI accordion.
It is the perfect fit for the Roland charger and cables and will be included in this sale.

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