SANO Stereo Sixty Professional Cassotto Accordion

Dear Accordion Friends,

This is another rare and exceptional quality accordion - you know it from the first chord you play!

This very special full size professional accordion was the best SANO model. It was built at the time accordions were very popular and people would obtain financing to buy their dream instrument. At that time quality was sacred and accordion manufacturers competed to build the best instrument. The Stereo Sixty model  features the best hand-made reeds available, double tone chamber, and some of the best sounding bass section with low A reed configuration. This is an early 60s model, played and maintained with respect. You will find it excellent in any aspect - appearance, mechanics, and acoustic performance.

The switches highlighted in blue [Accordion, Celeste, Violin, and the Master (LMMH)] produce beautiful musette sound. The remaining switches correspond to concert tuned reed combinations/sounds. The accordion is very versatile and can be used for a any music style.

Press the Palm Master after a musette switch (Accordion, Celeste, and Violin) to obtain a full 4-reed musette accordion sound LMMH.
Press the Palm Master after a concert (dry) switch to obtain a full concert accordion sound LM1H.

- You have separate bass switches to play 3 octaves of single notes on the bass and counter-bass rows. This feature is available on the Hohner Gola and American-made Excelsior Symphony Grand models.
- There is a switch that gives the performer access to the lowest deepest sounding bass reeds alone. (This feature is only available on high-end Sano accordions, American-made BELL 4518, and accordions with bass valve decoupling shifts like the 1960's Scandalli Super VI or converter-bass instruments.) This is perfect for walking-bass pattern if you like to play jazz. Recently I've had several requests by professional accordionists to modify their instruments so they have access to such a feature.

The accordion has been recently serviced at the Accordion Gallery and is offered with a full year comprehensive warranty. The pictures below show the condition of the instrument and will help you fully appreciate its quality. Call 973-770-6877 with any questions.

The next photograph shows the new shoulder straps.

Professional keyboard made of aged American walnut, smooth key tops edges, fact action

Let's take a look inside the accordion...

The original valves are in excellent condition. This Sano has the compression of a new instrument and
the efficiency of a classic top notch "Golden Age" vintage accordion..

The interior reveals all the desired features a demanding musician would expect from an excellent professional
accordion - aged mahogany body and tone chamber, protective coat of natural varnish that allows the wood to "breath",
anodized metal components, special hardware to optimize the tension on the tone chamber reed blocks,
fabulous hand-made reeds, genuine leather reed valves...

Inside the bass compartment...

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