Professional SANO Stereo Thirty Accordion

SANO accordions are very similar to Sonola and offer an excellent quality/price ratio in each class. Since there are relatively small number of Sano accordions around many people haven't had a chance to play one and fully appreciate the quality. The SANO Stereo Thirty model is a full size instrument that features 4/5 sets of hand-finished reeds, tone modulator, and factory amplification. It compares to Sonola AA10. 

The accordion has been well maintained over the years and was serviced at the Accordoin Gallery in October 2020. It is clean, has a beautiful rich tone, excellent compression, and will provide decades of trouble free performance.

Here is a link to a Dropbox folder where you can see more high resolution photographs and hear sound samples of this magnificent instrument. I suggest you listen with headphones:

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions or for a phone demo. Even better, visit us and try this accordion yourself.

All new shoulder straps, bass strap, bellows strap, and back-pad

The photographs below will show the interior of the accordion.

The tone modulator is built into the grill

The keyboard was serviced and would reward the performer with excellent action. Notice the American walnut key bed, comb, and keys.

The walnut keys have a special design for true weighted action. The key rods go through Teflon inserts like
in the Hohner Gola models. This type of keyboard would add more than $1000 to the price of a new accordion
today ... if you can convince a manufacturer to make it for you.

I optimized the alignment and pressure on each valve, leveled the keys, and calibrated the action for uniform feel across the entire range.

The bass machine was cleaned and lubricated. You can see the 2 bass microphones mounted in the two opposite corners.

The body is made of aged mahogany.

Voiced and tuned for many years of enjoyable performance.

The case has some exterior wear but is still structurally solid and clean. Has wheel and internal cover for keyboard protection.

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