Settimio Soprani Artist VI Professional Cassotto Accordion

A friend of mine who loved accordions and had a nice collection always wanted a Settimio Soprani Artist VI. He purchased this instrument about two yeas ago and has cherished it. I acquired part of the collection last year. This particular accordion looks brand new. It has a big powerful tone, smooth precise mechanics and a classic look that has influenced many other accordion manufacturers.

The instrument features mahogany body and tone chamber. The hand made reeds will reward you with a rich tone that will remind you of the 1960's original Artist VI and Sonola SS20 with some influence from the 1980s Guerrini President (the lowest octave bass reeds in a tone-chambered block with low-A reed configuration).

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The body and the tone chamber are made of mahogany.

The lowest octave Bass reeds are mounted on a tone chambered reed block. This improves the response while
allowing for moving the lowest bass note from C as in the 1960's models to A like in the Guerrini Superior 2 and
President accordions. This way the bass matches better the tonal power of the treble reeds.

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