Siwa & Figli MIDI Amplified Accordion

SOUND DEMO (headphones recommended):!AsErJouBehnuh0jDnI5SWtpqzdvH

This is a custom-made ergonomic accordion designed with compact body and full size professional keyboard. This is one of a kind accordion. It features 3/5 sets of hand-made reeds, full size 19.25" keyboard, 120 bass, and factory installed Hey-di MIDI and Sennheiser condenser microphones. The accordion is excellent for strolling professionals and can be truly appreciated by polka players or musicians who love the open projection of a non-chambered instrument with hand made reeds. 

Here is a summary of the features.

Hey-di MIDI Manual
Sound Library
Sound demo (headphones recommended):!AsErJouBehnuh0jDnI5SWtpqzdvH

The accordion can be played without additional MIDI modules using the hundreds of built-in sounds and effects. However, if the performer desires to use external MIDI module it is possible to use it in addition to the internal sound card. Any MIDI module will work with this state-of-the-art system. 

The new owner will enjoy a beautiful instrument with smooth mechanics, impressive tonal character, and very strong sound projection. 
The MIDI will open a whole new world for orchestration and musical expression. The microphones can be used independent of the MIDI.

The accordion looks fabulous. It has been gently used by a friend of mine who took excellent care of it. For all intents and purposes it is like new. The new owner will enjoy more than $3000 price discount. Call 973-770-6877 with any questions. 

The MIDI controller is programmed. Through the gill panel the performer can recall any preset, activate bellows dynamics,
turn on/off each MIDI channel etc. You can view and download the manual and the Sound Library content using the link below:

Hey-di MIDI Manual
Sound Library

The accordion comes with an excellent solid case with reinforced corners and internal padding.
An accessories bag is included for the MIDI sound module and cables.

The reeds are hand made and very responsive.
The microphones and MIDI are professionally installed at the factory without
any interference with the acoustic and mechanical components of the instrument.

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