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The Art of Making a Fine Accordion and the Birth of a New Legend

I consider myself very fortunate to participate in the completion of the first Siwa Super Quattro accordion. This
model will remain in the history of accordion manufacturing and will soon earn the love and respect of the accordion community. It is practically impossible to achieve this quality in serial production. There are so many steps in the process of building the instrument that if only one is compromised the magic is gone. There are very few people
who are familiar with each single process in accordion making and have the actual hands-on experience. Ivan is
one of them. With more than 25 years experience Ivan combines the intimate knowledge and understanding of
all aspects of the accordion making process with innovative approach and a true passion for his craft. In addition
 to being a master accordion craftsman, Ivan is a fine accordionist who shares the love for music and
can feel the subtle nuances in sound and response of the instrument.

The accordion body is made of naturally aged woods. The interior is varnished and polished. Only the finest hand made reeds are used.
The first tuning is performed on the provino
in the classic Italian tradition.

You've got to love the smell of bees wax and have a steady hand for this type of job.

You've probably heard of a process called "fine tuning inside the accordion". This used to be a regular practice
in the 50s and 60s. Now very few people are skilled and patient enough to practice this method. You can't work by the clock under the control of a shift manager and achieve the precision and accuracy of Ivan's work.

Not only are all reeds tuned to perfection, they all respond to the slightest bellows movements, yet keep
their clean tone under a sudden burst of air. The dynamic range is not granted with the choice of reeds.
The artisan has to enable it by proper setting and adjustment of each individual reed. 
Quality Control - Rocky listens attentively and makes sure the Master has the tuning right.

The treble switch mechanism is individually adjusted for each accordion.

The linkage rods for the switch slide are custom
made to achieve precise and smooth operation.
Ivan carefully tests the performance of all
treble switches before mounting the caps.

The switch caps are mounted one at a time in perfect
alignment with the grill and the other switches.
The Master personally tests each accordion.

Ivan Stanojlovic is sincerely happy and proud with his masterpiece.

The Accordion Gallery is a proud owner of the first Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Accordion.
We invite you to be our guest and experience the magic of this new classic model.

With the blessing from the Master and the endorsement of the Accordion Gallery you can be a
happy owner of one of the finest instruments ever made. I have no doubts the Super Quattro
will soon find its place in the Hall of Fame of Accordion Manufacturing.

The Introduction of the Super Quattro Model in 2007

Below is the original presentation of the first Super Quattro Models released in 2008. Since then many more models have been designed following request and feedback from our customers. See the Features Chart for details.

Presenting the New Super Quattro
The Super Quattro Legend

Classic Beauty!
The Classic Siwa Super Quattro

Embrace the accordion, feel the passion,
keep the romance and harmony in your life...
The Super Quattro Inspiration

Siwa Super Cobra Elegant

Siwa Super Cobra Elegant

The Spirit of Castelfidardo

I took few pictures on the way to the Accordion Museum in Castelfidardo. The town has a unique atmosphere.

The accordion presence is everywhere.
You are looking at a local bakery display.
Castelfidardo, Italy

We enjoyed a magnificent weather. The deep blue color
of the sky is not a photographic trick, it is the reality.
Castelfidardo, Italy

At the entrance of the Accordion Museum
we were greeted by Paolo Soprani.
Castelfidardo, Italy