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Guy Klucevsek is a fabulous accordionist, composer, and a very nice person to know!

Guy has been a customer and friend for many years. I have been honored to service his fine accordions. It is a great pleasure to tell the Accordion World that now Guy has added a Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Artist model to his fine collection.

Photograph courtesy of Jan Klucevsek
Guy Klucevsek

The Siwa & Figli Schumann model was designed in collaboration with Ron Oswanski, a highly respected musician and a long-time Accordion Gallery friend.
"The Siwa Schumann custom made for me with the help of Guenadiy and the Accordion Gallery captures everything I was looking for in a musette instrument. The accordion is custom designed from the ground up with a reed configuration of MMMM. ... The custom musette tuning was exactly as I asked...  The Schumann, on top of it being a power house instrument, has the bonus of wireless midi built in.  The setup allows me to not only run built in sounds from the internal sound card, but gives me the ability to WIRELESSLY run Mainstage at virtually no latency.  With a series of volume pedals, I'm able to mix my acoustic accordion with not only multiple bass setups, but combine those options with various synths all in real time and again,...   all wirelessly!

Thank you Siwa and Guenadiy!!
Ron Oswanski

"The Siwa and Figli Champion is exactly what I was looking for combining full size keys, and professional tone in a lighter weight instrument. ... The dynamic range of this instrument is remarkable."
Charlie Schueller
Rockville, MD
Charlie Schueller

Prof. Pablo De Vincenzo shares his music and positive energy with everyone he meets. His repertoire spans a variety of international music. Pablo is truly a romantic accordionist and the Siwa & Figli SQ Artist White Star model is the perfect instrument for his musical creativity and passion.
Pablo De Vincenzo

Esed Ramic's smile expresses his happiness with the Super Quattro Artist better than any words. Congratulations to an old Accordion Gallery friend and a new Siwa & Figli fan.
Esed Ramic

"The new accordion is great... Everyone who has heard the accordion really likes it."
Frank DiCapo, MN
Fracj DiCapo

We would like to welcome Dallas Vietty to the Siwa & Figli Featured Artists Club. It is a pleasure and honor to have another very talented young artist endorse our brand. Dallas specializes in Parisian swing-waltz style of Musette and Gypsy Jazz. He performs with a Super Cobra Elegant accordion.
Dallas Vietty

"I am thrilled with my new Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Compact Mussette accordion! Our collaboration on the reed configuration and body size/weight was right on the money. This accordion has so much personality in sound as well as great looks! The 13 treble registers offer  wonderful combinations from dry through mild musette and even wonderfully wet musette. Yet the voices are never harsh. I am most amazed at how each reed set blends with the others."
David Gritt, NC
David Gritt

"I am still thrilled with my Siwa, and was happy to spend some time with fellow Siwa owners Sergiu and Sergei last month at a Gypsy Jazz workshop in Massachusetts." 

Matt Schreiber, Sergiu Popa, and Sergei Nirenburg swapping accordions at the Gypsy Jazz workshop in MA in June 2013. 
Matt Sergiu Sergei

"I just love the clean sound"
Sergei Nirenburg, MD
Sergei Nirenburg

"I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this instrument.
Every time I play it, I discover something else I like about it."
John Blumenfeld, MN
John Blumenfeld

"A fabulous accordion, very powerful accordion. The touch is amazing... I love it!"
Dragalin Muscan, FL
Dragalin Muscan

"I can't tell you how thrilled I am with my new accordion!  You are right; it is magnificent."
Christine Chronis, NY
Christine Chronis

Glenn Miller's patience has been rewarded with a special custom-made Super Yavor accordion from the Exclusive Accordion Gallery Series. It takes over a year to craft such a fine instrument.
Glenn E. Miller

John Krempasky is happy with his new Siwa & Figly Super Millennium Hybrid Accordion.
John Krempasky

Paulo Dantas has joined the Siwa & Figli Community with a special 25th Anniversary Artist model. You can enjoy his artistry at our Video Library.
Pauolo Dantas

Valdimir Mollov and Annie Moger at the AAA Convention, Hershey, PA July 2010
Vlado Mollov and Annie Moger

We would like to welcome Jeff Anderson to the Siwa & Figli Community.
Jeff selected the Super Quattro Musette Accordion.
Jeff Anderson

Tom Smith is a highly respected classical and jazz accordionist.
We are very happy he selected the Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Elegant accordion.
Tom Smith

Phil Bonsiero plays Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Compact "Hey-di" MIDI accordion.
Phil teaches music at Goucher College in Blatimore, MD.
Phil Bonsiero

Ron "Austie" Austalosh is a legend among polka lovers. Austie is an accomplished atrists and composer in various other music styles and needs the versatility and power of the Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Musette MIDI accordion to express his musical ideas.
Ron "Austie" Austalosh

Glenn Miller fell in love with the exclusive Accordion Gallery Line
Glenn Miller

Anthony Ciotti with his Super Quinta Accordion.
Anthony performs with the Leigheas band.
Anthony Ciotti

Ivan Milev at the 2009 International Accordion Festival in San Antonio, TX
Photographs courtesy of Guy Klucevsek.
Ivan Milev
Ivan Milev 2009

Mario Attilo with his Super Quattro Elegant Accordion.
Mario Attilo

Mike Barelick enjoys his Super Cobra MIDI Accordion.
Mike Barelick

Velibor Drobnjak is a long time Accordion Gallery friend.
He loves the Super Quattro for Balkan music.
Velibor Drobnjak

Uri Sharlin  selected the Siwa & Figli Cobra Grande accordion
for his diverse repertoire of classical, jazz, and ethnic music styles.
Uri Sharlin

Sergiu Popa is one of the most brilliant and recognized virtuoso accordionists in Canada.
He selected the Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Elegant accordion.
Sergiu Popa

Vladimir Mollov is a proud owner of a Siwa Super Quattro. He has performed with the Duquesne University Tamburitzans on hundreds of concerts throughout the United States.
His original compositions present a fusion of Balkan ethnic music and jazz.
We are happy to have him among the Siwa Featured Artists.
Vladimir Mollov

Grzegorz (Greg) Krepa with the Polish American Folk Dance Company (PAFDC) during a performance at Peter Norton Symphony Space,  2537 Broadway New York NY.
Greg Krepa with the PADFC Ensemble

The Siwa & Figli featured artists Alex Meixner and Glenn Miller are frequent and welcome guests at the Accordion Gallery. Both Alex and Glenn play multiple musical instruments and
are among the favorite entertainers for live audience throughout the USA.
If they are on stage you’ve got to dance!
Glenn Miller
Alex Meixner and Glenn Miller

Ivan Milev is an idol for several generations of Balkan Accordionists.
His music can bring tears in your eyes and make you dance at the same time. Amazing!
Ivan Milev

With his new Super Cobra MIDI Srecko has finally found his ultimate accordion.
Srecko Suvajac with his custom made Super Cobra MIDI

Esad and Nedzad admire Nedzad's new Super Quattro Elegant.
Esad and Nedzad with a Super Quattro Elegant

Alex Meixner featured the Siwa Super Cobra in his CD FAMILY TRADITION
Alex Meixner - "Family Tradition" CD
Alex Meixner - "Family Tradition" CD