Siwa & Figli Schumann Accordion
Special "Palisander" Model LMMH/LMMM/Tone Modulator/Stereo Amplified

This is the latest Siwa & Figli accordion model, designed for strolling musicians who like a more compact and light weight instrument that still features full size keys and hand-made reeds. The weight reduction is achieved by reducing the keyboard range from 41 keys to 37 keys F-F. As a result, the accordion body can be more compact as well. These accordions have unique bass section with 102 buttons. You can think of the standard 96-bass setup with the added D# row on top.

The Schuman models are finished in palisander, rosewood, olive, maple, walnut root etc. They look gorgeous and the tonal quality and ease of handling are equally appealing. All instrument feature hand-made reeds and genuine leather valves. You can order any reed configuration and custom tuning. Many special options are available like wooden Tone Modulator, interchangeable reed blocks, amplification, MIDI, and custom color patterns (keys/buttons/bellows colors).

This particular accordion offers all desirable features in its class:

In the musette LMMM reed configuration the
M2 reeds are tuned slightly sharp for mild tremolo/swing sound (switches highlighted in blue). The M3 reeds are tuned flat to provide classic Italian musette (switches highlighted in green). The triple MMM musette is suitable for French/German/Slovenian styles (switches highlighted in red). The Bassoon, Clarinet, and Bandoneon remain concert tuned. See the table below for detailed switch names and corresponding reed configuration.

In the concert LMMH reed configuration the M2-M3 reeds are replaced by H-M2 reeds. Now the M2 reeds are tuned slightly sharp to retain the American swing tuning on the Accordion, Violin, Master, and Musette switches (highlighted in blue). All other switches correspond to concert tuned sounds.
See the table below for detailed switch names and corresponding reed configuration.
Siwa & Figli Schumann  "Palisander" Model Accordion
Treble switches configuration
L-M1-M2-M3 Reed Configuration
L-M1-M2-H Reed Configuration
(replace M2-M3 with H-M2)
Name Reed Configuration Name Reed Configuration
Open Tone Modulator Off Open Tone Modulator Off
Bassoon L Bassoon L
Bandonion L-M1 Bandonion L-M1
Accordion L-M1-M3 Accordion L-M1-M2
Harmonium L-M1-M2 Harmonium L-M1-H
Sax L-M2 Organ L-H
Master L-M1-M2-M3 Master L-M1-M2-H
Musette M1-M2-M3 Musette M1-M2-H
Violin M1-M3 Violin M1-M2
Violin II M1-M2 Flute M1-H
Clarinet M1 Clarinet M1
Sopran M2 Piccolo H
Closed Tone Modulator On Closed Tone Modulator On
This instrument has a great feel and balance. The reeds are made in house and combine the tonal depth of the Siwa bombate reeds with the harmonic richness of the Sabbatini reeds in the middle of the spectral range. The effect is a powerful tone with well blended harmonics. The accordion handles very easy. With the interchangeable reeds you will be able to play any music style with any other musicians and have the authentic sound for the selected repertoire. This is really like buying two accordions for the price of one. It takes about 5  minutes to replace the reed blocks and convert the accordion from musette to concert configuration.

You can play this instrument at the Accordion Gallery side by side with the latest Beltuna Alpstar and Brandoni Classic 37 models and enjoy the distinct feel and tonal character of each brand. I am sure you will find the dream accordion for your needs.

The accordion comes with 3 years warranty, serviced at the Accordion Gallery in Landing, NJ. Call 973-770-6877 with any accordion related questions. I believe I can help.

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