Siwa & Figli Super Quinta Elegant Accordion
with Limex MIDI and Microphones

Dear Accordion Friends,

Thank you for your support throughout the year. Trusting me with the service of your accordion(s) or buying a new or serviced instrument from me allows me to do what I love. I have a passion for accordion music and for restoring as many of these fascinating instruments as I can. Thank you for allowing me to share this passion with you. I consider all of you fellow musicians fist and then customers. With many of you we've become friends over many years of collaboration. I truly appreciate your nice letters and feedback. I am looking forward to continuing my work with you and to meeting more accordionists.

This Siwa & Figli instrument is spectacular. 
Imagine the power of the Super Quattro now enhanced with a third set of clarinet reeds, tuned musette and added on demand to any of the 14 different treble sounds of the Super Quattro! The Super Quinta allows you enjoy the versatility of two different instruments and the joint power of all 5 sets of treble reeds. The treble switches design is the first of its kind. The third set of clarinet reeds can be activated by a chin switch and closed with the last treble switch. The palm master action is decoupled from the musette tuned reeds. Therefore, pressing the master will result in LMMH when the musette reeds are closed or in LMMMH when the musette reeds are active. There are 28 different treble sounds ranging from classic concert sounds, to mild vibrato, to brilliant tremolo, to rich 3-reed full musette.

The accordion looks beautiful with the classic Siwa & Figli design, enhanced by gold-plated metal parts and tasteful rhinestone decoration. The tonal richness and power matches the appearance. No expense has been spared building this instrument. It features the best hand-made Binci reeds, genuine leather reed valves, solid-wood tone chamber, and excellent mechanics throughout. The sound boards are covered with leather to minimize the intrinsic valve noise. The internal metal parts have been anodized and will never rust.

The full LIMEX MIDI and stereo microphones complement the acoustic instrument. This is the latest Professional 4 model electronics from Limex. There is a very elegant controller mounted on the top side of the grill. Many special functions can be accessed with the Reset switch (located under the air valve) and the treble keys. Manuals for the MIDI and microphones are included. The electronics was professionally installed earlier this year.

The chin switch opens the M3 reeds independent of the other treble switches. The last treble switch (Closed) closes the M3 reeds. This way you can select the Violin and enjoy a beautiful Italian tremolo. Then press the chin switch without lifting a finger from the keyboard and you have a full triple musette for French, German, and Slovenian music. Adding the M3 reeds to the concert tuned Bandoneon (LM1) gives you Italian-tuned Accordion (LM1M3) sound. Adding the M3 reeds to the concert-tuned Flute (M1H) gives you a beautiful Musette (M1M3H). Suppose you want a concert sound (no tremolo) - simply close the M3 reeds and you have the classic concert sounds like Bandoneon (LM1), Organ (LH), Harmonium (LM1H) etc. You have access to 28 different treble sounds.
This accordion has had a customer for less than a year. The instrument is virtually new, just gently broken-in. Hopefully it will make a perfect gift for someone and bring a lifetime of happiness and joy. It comes with two years warranty and a nice discount of $3000.

Call me at 973-770-6877 with any accordion related questions. I believe I can help.

The state-of-the-art electromagnetic MIDI sensors don't affect the keyboard action
and providing a reliable maintenance-free performance.
The stereo microphones are among the very best one can choose.

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