SOLTON Artist 2000 Musette MIDI Amplified Accordion

This professional accordion is fully loaded with great features and ready for many years of reliable performance. The instrument features 4/5 sets of hand-finished Artigiana Voci reeds with true musette sound. These are the same reeds used in many Beltuna accordions including the Studio series. The acoustic accordion is complemented by full MIDI with included module/arranger and built-in microphones. The acoustic instrument is of the same class as the Scandalli Polifonico and the Beltuna Studio IV. This accordion would be great for a polka player or a musician who loves the open projection of non-chambered instrument for French/Italian repertoire. This is a complete setup ready to use as an acoustic accordion, amplified accordion, electronic MIDI instruments, or in any combination of acoustic and electronic features.

Combining the acoustic and electronic features would cover any repertoire from classical to jazz to ethnic music. The MIDI controller is fully programmed. Included are foot switches programmed for start / stop / introduction / fill in / variation change etc. The electronics accessories come in a separate hard-shell case. All cables and a manual are included.

Here is a summary of the features.
The accordion has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery and looks,feels, and sounds great. It is offered with one year warranty. The new owner will enjoy a well built and reliable instrument. The MIDI arranger has a MIDI Through port allowing you to use any additional module like Roland, Ketron, Orla etc. 

You can play this accordion as acoustic instrument without any electronics. With any amplifier you can get the benefit of full orchestration.

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