Sonola (Guerrini) "Classica" Cassotto Amplified Accordion

This is a rare Sonola accordion made by Guerrini. This instrument offers a variety of sounds with 4 sets of treble reeds and 5 sets of bass reeds, all hand-made. The reed configuration is LMMM. You have LM in a tone chamber with concert tuning and 2 additional sets of clarinet reeds (M2 and M3) with musette tuning allowing for concert (dry) sounds like bassoon, clarinet, bandoneon, as well as beautiful musette sounds when adding M2 and M3.
Here is a summary of the features:

The accordion has been professionally played and used for recordings. It is very clean and  has excellent modern mechanics. You will love the the chambered bassoon/clarinet/bandonion sounds and the various musette sounds. Similar brand-name new accordions (Beltuna, Scandalli) sell in the price range $7000-9000. This particular Sonola is as good as any of the above mentioned instruments. Now you can enjoy the quality of the proven Sonola/Guerrini brand and save thousands of dollars. 

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The next photographs show the interior of the accordion.
The instrument was built with the same woods selection as the legendary Superior 2 model.

All reeds are hand-made. The reed plates are not labeled. Based on my experience I think these are CAGNONI reeds.

The lowest octave Bass reeds are in a tone chamber reed block.

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