SONOLA SS20 Professional Cassotto Accordion

I love Sonola accordions in each class. They have consistent high quality, very responsive reeds, robust mechanics, and memorable tone. The SS20 is the flagship model.

Sonola was purchased by Guerrini in 1971. This was the end of the original Sonola company. The Guerrini-made Sonola accordions were Superior 2 models, still excellent instruments, but with a different, more aggressive tonal character. The deep warm bassoon and clarinet sounds of the original 1960's Sonola SS20 could be compared only to the Scandalli Super VI, Settimio Soprani Artist VI, and Hohner Morino from the late 1950-60s. After Guerrini closed the Sonola brand was acquired by Maxim's Group. The same company also owns the Settimio Soprani brand. This created a unique opportunity to revive these two legendary brands combining some of their best features..

The Sonola SS20 I am presenting here is a custom built all-black model. It combines features from the 1960's original SS20 and Settimio Soprani Artist VI models. You have Sonola's proprietary "resovox" oversized treble resonator combined with Settimio Soprani's tone chamber architecture. Add a tone chamber for the lowest octave bass reeds and low-A bass reed configuration for an great tonal balance. The tone is mellow yet powerful and rich in overtones.

This Sonola SS20 accordion has the "thick", warm, and rich tone that you would expect from the 1960's models enhanced with a deeper bass for a great tonal balance.

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The interior of the accordion is as impressive as its tonal character.
This instrument combines features from 1960's Settimio Siprani Artist VI (key valves, tone chamber design,
treble switches selection and order) with Sonola's proprietary "resovox" chamber under the key bed.

The "resovox" chamber is the extended space under the keyboard

The tone chamber is the same as is the 1960's Settimio Soprani Artist VI.
The design of the reed blocks is a combination of the 1960's Settimio Soprani Artist VI and Guerrini Superior 2.

The blue tint on the surface of the reeds is a result of the special treatment of the steel for better response and corrosion resistance.

The lowest octave Bass reeds are mounted on a tone chambered reed block (typical for most of the high end new accordions).

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