STRADAVOX Stereo Classic Cassotto Accordion

The Stradavox Stereo Classic accordion was designed to be a match for the famous Hohner Gola. Only the best materials were used. This instrument is a dream for concert and jazz accordionists. The reeds are very responsive and air efficient. In addition, they are all mounted in cassotto. There are two tone chambers made of mahogany. Each of them holds two reed blocks. This results in a powerful rich tone with impressive dynamic range. The factory installed stereo microphones work very well. This instrument looks classy and feels and sounds great. It has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery and is offered with our comprehensive one-year warranty. You will receive a clean accordion with excellent mechanics and compression, concert tuned, and with new straps and back-pad. Please, note that some of the gold plating has faded as shown in the pictures below.
The mechanical and acoustic condition of the instrument is very good to excellent.There are some cosmetic imperfections resulting from faded/lost gold plating - see the pictures of details. The accordion still looks very attractive. I have included a few pictures taken without flash to show you the actual visual appeal of the instrument.

The accordion has that mature rich sound you would expect from one of the best made instruments from the "Golden Age". Solid aged mahogany has been used for the body of the accordion, the tone chamber, and the reed blocks, similar to the top models Zero Sette made accordions like Zero Sette B30 and Petosa AM1100.

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The photographs below were taken indoors without flash to give a more realistic idea of the appearance of the accordion.
The remaining pictures were take with flash to show all cosmetic imperfections, mostly fading of the gold plating.

The accordion comes with new bass strap, new bellows protector, and very comfortable shoulder straps.

The accordion has the original factory installed stereo microphones. The treble microphones are mounted on the inner
side of the grill. Te bass microphone is in the bass compartment and is visible in the picture below (left side).
The amplification was tested and works very well.

The keyboard was professionally serviced. New thicker key tops were installed with smooth edges,
excellent for glissando. The alignment and pressure on each individual valves have been properly adjusted for
optimal performance. You will love the action.

The interior is mint - beautifully varnished aged mahogany wood throughout.

All reeds are original and have held their factory voicing and tuning remarkably well.
The reed leathers and wax are in excellent condition.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions or for a demo.

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