Siwa & Figli "Super Quattro Noce" Jazz model - Unique Instrument !

In 2009 Siwa & Figli and the Accordion Gallery introduced a special Accordion Gallery Line of instruments. Each accordion is absolutely unique. The accordion body including the grill and the side bass cover is carved from rare selection of  naturally aged woods. The body is varnished in the tradition of violin making and not covered in Polyurethane. The results are amazing - enhanced natural wood grain and improved sound projection. The tonal characteristics are based on the wood selection and could be jazzy-dark or polka-bright. Each instrument features the best quality hand made reeds available today, genuine Italian leather reed valves, double tone chamber, precise mechanics, and ergonomic body design optimized for best feel and ease of handling.

It is extremely difficult to find properly cut and aged wood for making musical instruments. It takes over a year to craft one of these special accordions. Each instrument radiates warmth. The tonal characteristics are as unique as the design and appearance of the accordion - truly fantastic!

This particular accordion was custom made for Boki Cvetkovski with extended range G-C keyboard and interchangeable reed blocks for LMMH and LLMM reed configuration. This would be a perfect LLMM jazz accordion as well as a fantastic LMMH concert instrument. The accordion took over a year to build and was delivered in April 2011. It is still virtually new.

Custom Made Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Jazz Accordion
Treble switches configuration
Standard L-M1-M2-H Model
L-M1 in the tone chamber
Custom L1-L2-M1-M2 Jazz Model
L1-M1 in the tone chamber
Name Reed Configuration Name Reed Configuration
Bassoon L Bassoon L1
Bandon L-M1 Bandon L1-M1
Accord L-M1-M2 Accord L1-M1-M2
Sax L-M2 Sax L1-M2
Harmon L-M1-H Jazz Band L1-M1-L2
Organ L-H Jazz Bass L1-L2
Musette M1-M2-H Accord 2 M1-M2-L2
Violin M1-M2 Violin M1-M2
Flute M1-H Sax 2 M1-L2
Horn M2-H Band 2 M2-L2
Oboe M2 Oboe M2
Clarinet M1 Clarinet M1
Piccolo H Bass 2 L2

Please, call 973-770-6877 with any questions about this magnificent instrument.

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