TITANO Cosmopolitan Accordion

This is a very special TITANO Cosmopolitan accordion, the best non-chambered instrument from Titano's "SUPER MODELS" line. This particular accordion was made in Italy by Victoria and features the famous CATRARO reeds. This accordion is truly EXCEPTIONAL - fabulous reeds response, dynamic range and overtones, excellent mechanics, perfect balance. All the reeds bring joy and happiness to the performer and the listeners. The bass is in perfect balance to the treble. If you'd like to know more about the quality of Titano accordions, please check this web site http://www.titano.com/features.htm

The accordion has MIDI system installed. The connector is next to the microphones pick up (see the picture below). I will try to find a power supply that will work with the instrument since it was not available at the time I acquired the accordion. Consider this electronics a bonus where I find the power supply or not. If the new owner prefers to have the MIDI removed this could be done in a clean professional way without affecting the performance or appearance of the instrument.

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