Professional Titano Cosmopolitan Concert Accordion

This is a fantastic Titano Cosmopolitan concert model accordion. The Cosmopolitan was the top of the line non-chambered professional model. This particular Titano has hand-made Catraro reeds with fantastic response and harmonic richness. The accordion has a solid mechanics with very good keyboard and bass machine action. This is one of these accordions built so well and with such a nice tone that you will not miss the tone chamber. The entire body of the instrument serves the purpose of a resonant chamber. The sound is clear, vibrant, and full of overtones. If you have played Catraro reeds you know what to expect. 

The hardware is clean with no rust. The overall cosmetic condition is very good. The compression is excellent. The reeds are fabulous. The accordion is ergonomically designed and well balanced and will be perfect for a dynamic and expressive performance. The instrument is offered with one year warranty.

This accordion is a dream instrument for anyone who knows the rich sound of these late 1950's / early 1960's models. Richard Galliano cherishes the Catraro reeds in his accordion and unlocks their full dynamic range. Played in a cathedral this accordion sounds like an organ.

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The photographs below will show the interior of this beautiful accordion...

The body was carved from aged mahogany that has matured even further over
the years and resonates with the reeds. You can feel the vibrations on your chest as you play the accordion.

All reeds and leathers are clean and allow for the special "Catraro sound".
You can't distinguish them based on the acoustic response and timbre.

The old microphones have been removed including the bellows cable still seen in the pictures.

Even the bellows frames are made of mahogany and are nicely varnished.

Please, note the shared base of the middle and high harmony reed blocks. This combined V-shaped reed
blocks produces enhanced resonances. This feature was invented at the Scandalli factory when the Super VI model
was designed and can be found only on the Super VI and some high-end Titano models.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions or to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery.