TITANO ROYAL Cassotto Concert Accordion

Dear Accordion Friends,

Back in 2004 I promised to present some of the very best accordions I have ever played. There are many nice instruments that can keep us satisfied and inspired. However, once you come across an exceptional quality accordion you know it from the first chord you play! We all deserve to find our ultimate accordion, the accordion we will never part with. Fortunately, we have different preferences and this makes the accordion world as exciting and colorful it is. I have found MY sacred accordion and I know how great it feels to be able to hear that dream sound each time you play. I am sure someone will soon feel the same way about the accordion I am presenting to you now.

This is a very special TITANO Royal Cassotto accordion, the crown jewel of Titano's "SUPER MODELS" line. This is one of the best Titano accordion I've had and one of the best accordions I've played. The sound is warm, yet powerful. From the deep resonant bassoon to the heart melting clarinet and crisp piccolo all the reeds bring joy and happiness to the performer and the listeners. The bass is in perfect balance to the treble.  For those of you have have been fortunate to play the 1950's American made Bell and the original Scandalli Super VI from the 1950s I can tell you this is the "clarinet" sound and the bass punch that became the fingerprint of these legendary accordions. 
I have played many Titano accordions and while they are all very nice instruments this one is truly EXCEPTIONAL - fabulous reeds response, dynamic range and overtones, excellent mechanics, perfect balance.  

Based on the early serial number, the design of the tone chamber, and the spectacular and rare CATRARO reeds (producing the Richard Galliano sound) I believe this particular accordion was made in the 1950's. See below for more comments about some special design features.
The accordion has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery and is offered with one year warranty. The instrument looks great. It is clean, with excellent mechanics and compression. Most importantly, the tonal quality is truly impressive. This is one of the most air efficient accordions I have seen. You can play the instrument very soft or very loud and it will respond instantly. You are welcome to visit the Accordion Gallery and treat yourself with a memorable performance with this fascinating accordion.

Let's take a look inside the accordion...

The keyboard was serviced in October 2018. I replaced the felt in the key bed, cleaned, and leveled the keys and
optimized the action. All original valves are in excellent condition.

The key tops have some yellow ting, typical for the 1950's models.
The key tops are smooth and the keyboard action is excellent.

The interior is beautifully finished. The tone chamber is made of single piece aged mahogany.

The accordion has matured nicely
and grown to its full potential. The harmonic richness is truly impressive.

The accordion features spectacular hand-made CATRARO reeds. These are the reeds in Richard Galliano's accordion
and if you have listened to him perform you know the magnificent tonal quality and dynamic range of these reeds.

The number on the internal components is 34. I have serviced about a dozen of these models over the last 20 years.
There are not many of them made. I believe this number is for the Royal models while the 2853 number on the back
of the accordion is a general serial number running across all Titano models. It is reasonable to assume that in a
good year the company would make few hundred accordions of all models but only 20-24 Royal models.

The reed blocks are identical to the reed blocks found in the 1950's Scandalli Super VI. Even more interestingly, the
mounting of the bass blocks is the same and only found in these two models - Scandalli Super VI and Titano Royal.
I have no doubts there has been some collaboration between the manufacturers.

The 34 internal serial number, the solid mahogany tone chamber, and the CATRARO reeds confirm
this instrument was made in the 1950's.

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