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Happy Birthday, James!
Thanks you for opening your hearth and your home for the Cape Accordion Friends.

Make a wish ...

To your health, to music and friendship - cheers!

The Oaks was blessed with music - on the deck, the front porch, the dining room, the "music room". I have no doubts James can still hear the harmonies and solo improvisations as he walks through the house.

James Gerke and Frank Petrilli ...

 ... with Lou Borelli, Dave Magliozzi, and Cathie Travers

Frank Petrilli, Cathie Travers, Dave Magliozzi, and Don McMahon - Jazz Accordion at its best...!
The lovely deck at The Oaks must have contributed to the magic of the music.

We were so pleased to welcome Frank Petrilli and Cathie Travers to Cape Accordion.
Cathie and Frank, your personality and talent can make any place or event special.
Thank you for sharing your music with us!

Dave Magliozzi and Cathie Travers

James smiling through the kitchen window - a fresh pot of coffee will be ready soon for his guests.

Moving from the deck to the porch - more music and fun. 
Melody Ben Flah demonstrates Egyptian rhythms to James Gerke.
More of us practicing outside of this shot frame, using accordion cases and even the poles on the porch :-).

"Baladi" - 4/4
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -
D D tkT D tkT tk
Many of us wonder how Melody can handle this large and heavy Titano accordion (35 lb !).
Well, she has a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Is this a kick or a dance move - I'll let you guess :-).

  Dr. Ian Blair presents Medical School for Accordionists

Lou Borelli and Don McMahon are having a great time...

Frank Petrilli, Lenny Feldman, Leslie Alexandra, Alexei Tsiganov, Ian Blair Fries, Don McMahon, and Lou Borelli

Doug Makofka and Janet Borelli - Excelsior accordions duet

 From the deck to the living room - more music, different style.
Simon Shapiro and Lenny Feldman sharing Roland virtual accordion experience :-)

Ian and Simon - more Roland action

Roberto Cassan (accordion), Fabio Pirozzo (percussions), and Alexei Tsiganov (keyboard) bought a new level of excitement to the Thursday evening session in the The Music Room at The Oaks.

Fabio, Dave (recording the performance), Lou, Roberto, Cathie, Frank, Don, James, and Fabio

A friendly gesture from one great musician to another
It's been a long day for Roberto. He had played a job earlier that day and needed the coffee boost.

Roberto, Cathie, and Alexei are experimenting with variations on classical tunes

Feel the beat ...

... and enjoy ...

Dave, Cathie, Frank, Don, and Fabio


Our host James managed to be everywhere. He was performing, recording the best moments, and organizing interesting trips in the area. He found time to greet each one of us personally. Much appreciated, James!

James knows the best corner in the Music Room to capture a wide angle recording of the action.

James and Ian

Len Imbery joined us from Canada

Lenny Feldman will also have some nice photos to share....

  Cathie Travers came to Cape Accordion from Australia.
We've known her music from the Internet. Meeting her in person was such a memorable experience.

Everybody loves Cathie  - James, Dave, and Len in a unique tango step :-)

It is time to part and plan for Cape Accordion 2014 - if Dave had the time
he would love to help Cathie with her accordion all the way to Australia.

See you next year...

Frank, Len, James, Doug, Leslie, Cathie, Don, Ian, Dave, and Simon